On the 12th day. . .

18:24, Dec 10 2012
NAthan Crook
LUCKY NUMBER: On 12/12/12 Nathan Crook will celebrate his 12th birthday.

Nathan Crook will celebrate a special type of birthday tomorrow, one that will not be repeated for another 88 years.

The Ranui boy will blow out 12 candles as he turns 12 on 12/12/12.

"I'm pretty lucky to have this birthday," he says.

"I was born in 2000 so I also have a certificate saying I'm a millennium baby."

Nathan was born at 6am, on December 12, 2000.

His dad Tony says it was a pity Nathan didn't hold out a little longer since he could have been born at noon.


"It's just one of those strange occurrences that we didn't think about at the time," he says.

"Twelve is a number that occurs a lot throughout our culture, particularly in the Christian religion.

"Not that we take much stock in numerology or anything, it's just something interesting about this special day for our family."

Also born on December 12 were singer Frank Sinatra, actor Bill Nighy, writer Gustave Flaubert and painter Edvard Munch.

On December 12 in 1991 the Russian Federation gained independence from the USSR.

In 1963 Kenya gained independence from Britain. The number 12 recurs throughout our culture and some examples of this are: A jury being made up of 12 members, Jesus had 12 apostles, there are 12 signs of the zodiac.

The Beatles recorded 12 studio albums.

The song 12 days of Christmas is being heard in shopping malls throughout the country this time of year and it represents the 12 days of Christmas festivities beginning on Christmas Day and lasting until January 6 when the Feast of The Epiphany is celebrated.

The feast is a Christian tradition that marks the revelation of Jesus as the son of God. The day of the feast is thought to coincide with the day of Jesus' baptism.

In ancient Greek religion there were 12 Olympians who were the Gods of The Pantheon.

King Arthur is said to have defeated 12 rebel princes and won 12 battles against Saxon invaders as well as having 12 knights of the round table.

The Old Testament says Jacob had 12 sons who formed the 12 tribes of Israel.

Schools break up for the holidays this week so Nathan's class at Rangeview Intermediate will be too busy to celebrate the milestone. But Nathan and his parents will go and see The Hobbit.

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