Giving people what they really need

16:00, Dec 12 2012
Scott Trask
TECH HEAD: Scott Trask loves being able to find the right fit for his customers.

Scott Trask, 42, lives on Herald Island with his wife and two kids. He talks to James Ireland about his life as the owner of Western Computers.

I start work at 8.30am and during the day I spend about half my time manning the sales desk and about half doing technical work.

The business I'm in is super competitive. We are up against the big chain stores but we have something that keeps people coming back; we're not here to just make the most money we can from a customer.

We can source exactly the parts people need and put them together for them.

Things have changed quite a bit in the computer market. Everything has become cheaper so in the past you could replace a few different components in your laptop and it would still be worth it but now you might only replace the screen or the keyboard before it becomes cheaper to buy a whole new one.

A new screen used to cost $700, now you can get one installed for $200.


I started the business in 1994 and ran it out of my house until it grew to the point where I had to buy this property in 2010.

I have lived in Auckland for 20 years and I have always been out West. It's just an awesome place to do business. It's a community where you can really develop a relationship with your customers.

I think they like that usually I just wear shorts and a T-shirt. I figure if I'm dressed how I feel comfortable they know I'm being honest. I don't always look like I'm going to a tennis match.

I do a lot of on-site work for companies that need something specific to suit their needs. I'm often running data cables and hooking up printers and computers.

It's really a mixed bag of things we do, especially now that smart phones and tablets are becoming more widely used. We really have to keep up with every trend. If you have a good background in computers you can keep up pretty easily. But saying that we are looking into doing some training courses for smart phones in the new year.

I don't like to spend people's money unnecessarily. I always have a conversation about what they really need. I get a lot of people coming in because they can't figure out why their computers won't do what they bought it for. Often that's because they encountered a salesman who just wanted the commission.

I have worked really hard to get this business to work and it can be a real struggle owning a small business, but I'm here and we're doing well.

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