Pair revisit untamed coast

16:00, Dec 14 2012
Bob Harvey
COASTAL CREATURES: Bob Harvey and Ted Scott have re-issued their book Untamed Coast 14 years after it was first released.

One of New Zealand's best-selling books has had an update.

Former Waitakere mayor Bob Harvey's 1998 book Untamed Coast has sold 16,000 copies and has had new chapters on the Hillary Trail added.

"I had no idea it would sell this well. It's been an amazing 15 years seeing how this book has become popular and hopefully people have enjoyed it," Mr Harvey says.

"I really wanted people to know about the Hillary Trail, I think it's important that it gets used and that people know what they need to know," he says.

Untamed Coast traces the history of Auckland's west coast from Titirangi up to the Kaipara Harbour including the Waitakere Ranges.

Mr Harvey produced the book with Piha photographer Ted Scott - the pair have worked together on five collaborations.


"This is our masterpiece. I came to New Zealand from England in 1981 and what really grabbed me was the ruggedness," Mr Scott says.

"It's amazing here during the summer but I prefer to take photos in the winter, the storms and rain make it so much more dramatic."

A future collaboration is in the works with a book about Karekare.

"For a New Zealand book selling 3000 copies is thought of as pretty good but we never thought it would sell this many," he says.

Before working on Untamed Coast Mr Scott lived in Titirangi and travelled to the coast to work.

"Someone offered me 10 acres with a derelict house on it in Piha so I jumped at the chance and have been slowly fixing up the house. I publish my own work out of my house nowadays. The technology has now gotten so good that it can be done from home," Mr Scott says.

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