VIDEO: Battler fights robber

19:39, Dec 19 2012
Gull Station
NOT MY STATION: Swanson GAS station owner Zahid Chaudry took multiple hits to his face with the butt of a gun as he defended the store from an armed robber on Thursday.

A tubby armed robber got more than he bargained for when he attempted to steal from Zahid Chaudry's petrol station.

The Swanson GAS station owner was entering daily data on to his computer at about 8pm on Thursday when an armed man confronted him.

Mr Chaudry says instinct kicked in when he saw he offender's pistol and balaclava.

"I just pushed him across the store and thought I have to get him out of here."

He began beating the robber who started smashing Mr Chaudry in the face with the butt of the gun.

"We were still fighting, I didn't want to give up, he didn't want to give up."


Mr Chaudry began to get the better of his assailant by throwing him on to the concrete forecourt and removing his disguise.

He continued defending his store while a regular customer pulled up outside and called 111.

Mr Chaudry says the man, who looked in his mid-40s with a goatee, gave up and ran to a getaway car waiting on Swanson Rd.

Another resident who saw the getaway pursued the vehicle getting the driver's registration plate number.

Mechanic John Dormer from neighbouring business Candia Automotive says his mate was brave when others would have been scared stiff.

"If it was something that happened in war they would give him a medal.

"He deserves a bravery award," he says.

Mr Chaudry has been told by many people that he was stupid for fighting the robber.

"Because if something happened to me who would be there for my wife and daughter.

"But if I did not fight him he'd just be back for more," Mr Chaudry says.

He says he and his wife have owned the station for five years but have never been attacked.

Mr Chaudry is grateful to the two people who helped.

"I love Swanson and I love the people who live here."

The unsuccessful robber left in a purple or burgundy 1990's Holden Commodore sedan. The car was last seen in the Massey area.

Police are investigating.

Call CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111 to report information.

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