Conspiracy theories to light relief

ON AIR: Vinny Eastwood hosts an international radio show out of his Glen Eden flat.
ON AIR: Vinny Eastwood hosts an international radio show out of his Glen Eden flat.

Vinny Eastwood, 27, lives in Glen Eden with his girlfriend Sarah. He talks to reporter James Ireland about his work as a radio show host.

Every week from Tuesday through to Saturday I host The Vinny Eastwood Show, a two hour show on American Freedom Radio.

The show goes out to 26 AM station across the States as well as some in England and Sweden.

Lately we have picked up stations throughout New Zealand that host the show.

I often interview two new people each show. We talk a lot about conspiracy theories. I talk to ex-CIA people or whistle blowers and sometimes people will go into crazy things like chem trails.

The conversation can get pretty far out there but this is a chance for people who wouldn't get interviewed in mainstream media to have their say.

The show's not all doom and gloom. I try to keep it fun and tell a few jokes to keep people entertained as well as informed.

Before I got into doing this I was a salesman. I was pretty good at it but I just got sick of it so I quit and bought a new computer, microphone and some cameras and just began talking and filming.

The show has been going since 2010. It's primarily funded through subscriptions and donations. You need a bit of an ego to be on radio but you need one that still has room to accept other points of view.

There are two things I don't do - I don't breach broadcasting standards and I don't mention Alex Jones.

Some of the people I have managed to get on have been amazing. I got to talk to David Icke about his theory that reptilians control the human race.

It can be pretty difficult relying on donations to keep the show going but the listeners are amazing, they come through for me. It must mean I'm doing an all right job.

I take calls as well and it's pretty awesome to be on the phone with people from all around the world. I think when you get them agreeing with you it means you have hit on a universal truth.

I often put in 14 hour days. I have to do a lot of research on my guests. It can be really easy to repeat yourself when you're on air 10 hours a week so I always need something new.

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