Wedding with a difference

21:33, Feb 13 2013
ALTERNATIE LOVE: Steff Moore is a gothic and alternative wedding celebrant.

Steff Moore lives in Blockhouse Bay with her husband James and their cat Levi. She talks to Ciara Pratt about her job as a gothic and alternative wedding celebrant.

From my experience, weddings usually start around 4pm in the afternoon so I try to get to the venue by 3pm to help get everything set up.

Sometimes it takes me longer than usual to get ready if I have to wear a particularly detailed costume for the wedding so I might start getting dressed and prepared earlier in the afternoon.

I usually meet with the bride and groom separately before the wedding to check on their nerves and make sure everything is going smoothly.

I am legally blind so I use an iPad during the ceremony which makes the text large enough for me to read.

After the wedding I usually hang around to celebrate with the couple if I know them. I can get home anywhere from 10pm to 1am.


Writing your own vows is something I really encourage couples to do because I think that is quite important, as well as having a theme to the wedding.

I have done a Lord of the Rings elven-themed wedding where I wore a big Gandalf cloak and had to knight the couple with a sword. The groom was dressed as Aragorn and the bride was Arwen and throughout the ceremony a lot of medieval language was used.

I have performed a Victorian gothic-themed wedding so the bride was in a long red dress wearing a corset and the groom was in a Victorian suit with tails and a tophat.

Medieval weddings are quite common so I have done a few of those and also weddings with themes such as Tim Burton's take on Alice in Wonderland.

Gothic or alternative weddings also tend to have slightly different hallmarks compared to traditional weddings.

One couple I married decided to have a blood exchange. They pricked their thumbs and printed them on a piece of paper as a sign of their love.

Music choices vary with some couples choosing a more classical style while others prefer death metal.

The gothic community is quite small and close so when people in the community fall in love, you will always get a different wedding.

So far I have been the celebrant for about 10 weddings but I have got quite a few booked for the year. I'm already booked out for Halloween and the weekends surrounding it - that's a really popular time.

When I'm not working as a celebrant I'm a fulltime writer.

I've signed a deal with a publisher to write a book about gothic and alternative themed weddings titled Til death do us part which should hopefully be released in 2015.

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