Student acheives top results

18:43, Feb 21 2013
OUTSTANDING SCHOLAR: Malinna Liang achieved four scholarships, three of them outstanding, in her NCEA exams.

Sitting nine exams in your final school year is no easy task.

But Malinna Liang did it and achieved four scholarship results over four subjects at the same time.

Three were outstanding.

A passion for reading and writing saw Miss Liang excel her results in the subjects of media studies, art history, classical studies and English.

The Rutherford College student says the results are still a bit of a shock.

"I was too scared to check so my teacher had to call me and tell me what I'd got because I was worried I wouldn't have got anything.


"My teachers have been really great and really supportive.

"They are the ones who will read your stuff when no one else will and if it sucks they are the only ones who will tell you."

Studying for both NCEA level 3 and scholarship exams does not require too much extra work Miss Liang says.

"Once you get to year 13 the classes really start to line up so if you learn something in classical studies, you can use that in English.

"You end up studying for both your level 3 exams and scholarship at the same time, you just go into the topics a little deeper."

NCEA scholarship exams require students to answer more complex questions and demonstrate critical thinking in academic subjects.

Those who achieve a high mark are often given a financial award and according to the New Zealand Qualification Authority, around 3 per cent of all year 13 students around the country achieve scholarship level. Miss Liang's English teacher Ms Paulette Bullot says the high achiever is an exceptional student, especially when it comes to William Shakespeare's work.

"Malinna has got such a focus and her ability to read beyond the text is amazing and puts her in great stead."

Rutherford College principal Gary Moore says he is extremely proud of Miss Liang.

Another student at the college, Alannah Prins, received an outstanding scholarship in the subject of dance.

Miss Liang plans to study law and political studies at the University of Auckland.

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