Pakau's arrest puts police integrity in spotlight

ACCUSED: Police officer Peter Pakau
ACCUSED: Police officer Peter Pakau

The intricate drug dealing operation a Henderson policeman has been accused of would not have been easy to get away with, police say.

Peter Pakau, a constable at Henderson for six years, is accused of using his position to aid the Head Hunters gang.

He was arrested on Friday with nine others including his wife Dianne who worked as a nurse at Waitakere Hospital. Mr Pakau, 36, faces 27 charges, including manufacturing methamphetamine and collecting debts on behalf of the gang.

Other charges include conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, conspiring to defeat the course of justice and accessing a computer for dishonest purposes.

He was denied interim name suppression so as not to cast suspicion on other police officers. He faces life imprisonment if found guilty.

Mrs Pakau was arrested after police searched their house for drugs, guns and money. She faces charges of receiving money, while eight others are also facing drug-related charges.

Detective Inspector Bruce Scott says his team was vigorous in its investigation of Mr Pakau and is intent on stamping out further dodgy activity.

"These sort of cases harm our trust the police have with the public.

"We're always concerned there could be bad apples and we are 100 per cent committed to getting rid of these sorts of people," Mr Scott says.

He says he will run a review of all present cases Mr Pakau was in charge of but that's as far as the inquiry will go.

"I'm not concerned about his past cases as there's nothing to suggest any conflicts of interest there."

Mr Pakau joined the police after the death of his brother and sister in a murder-suicide in 2007.

Mr Scott says although he cannot discuss specifics of the Pakau case he says it has damaged the integrity of the police force.

"It's spelled out during initial police training about the code of ethics and what the expectations are of them.

"I'm absolutely gutted by what he's done and so are all his colleagues," Mr Scott says.

Mr Pakau is due to reappear in Waitakere District Court on June 6.

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