No room for parking says club

BOATMAN'S CALL: Te Atatu Boat Club manager Denis Berg has concerns a ferry would cause a problem for members.
BOATMAN'S CALL: Te Atatu Boat Club manager Denis Berg has concerns a ferry would cause a problem for members.

As plans for a ferry in Te Atatu are being prepared, other aquatic users are raising concerns.

Te Atatu Boat Club general manager Denis Berg says it has not been contacted by anyone despite a previous study saying the area around their club is a potential site for the ferry.

The new feasibility study will look at the possibility of a ferry wharf, 200 space park-and-ride car park and an access road with turning capability.

"A lot of our members are uncomfortable with the lack of consultation.

"The main issue for us would be car parking.

"Auckland Transport are looking at putting in space for 200 cars but there's nowhere for it to realistically go on this side of the motorway."

Mr Berg says the club doesn't want to hold back progress and if the ferry goes ahead it will work with Auckland Transport to find an appropriate solution.

"Another issue over here is bridge clearance, to get under the motorway to high tide would take a very low profile ferry.

"The most logical solution would be to build the whole thing on the other side of the motorway on the empty Harbourview-Orangihina Park land."

Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan says it's unknown when the feasibility study will be finished.

"It's way too early to worry," he says.

This is a long-term project. First it has to go through the Auckland Transport board and the Henderson Massey Local Board."

The 2005 study into the possibility of a ferry identified the boat club as the most suitable site and a new pontoon would cost an estimated $3.2 million.

The study found the lack of clearance under the bridge would mean the ferry size would be limited and more trips would need to be made to compensate.

Waitakere Outrigger Canoe Club president Peter Raeburn says it's unlikely there would be any issues about using the same water as the ferry but the parking situation could turn out to be a problem.

"On a busy day we completely fill up the available parking. I hope they don't decide to take over our parking area."

Mr Raeburn says the boat club and Harbourview are two of the few places in West Auckland that have access to water no matter what the tide.

"We're in the process of putting together a resource consent application to build new club rooms next to the club.

"As long as we are consulted I think we can all work together."

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