Police investigating alleged assault after fireworks confrontation

Georgia Harris with horse Kaira.

Georgia Harris with horse Kaira.

A confrontation over fireworks has resulted in police investigating an assault allegation.

Oratia resident Rosie Brown said neighbours arrived at her property "yelling, screaming and acting uncontrollably" on Easter Sunday within minutes of fireworks being let off.

The group claimed the fireworks had frightened their horse, causing it to injure itself.

Kaira the horse suffered serious injuries after it was spooked by fireworks let off nearby, Georgia Harris says.

Kaira the horse suffered serious injuries after it was spooked by fireworks let off nearby, Georgia Harris says.

Brown said a guest at her family gathering had let off three fireworks at about 8.15pm. The fireworks lasted no more than five minutes, she said.

The horse's owner, Georgia Harris, said fireworks were let off around 9pm near her property and had spooked her horse.

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She said the one-year-old horse, Kaira, had kicked both back legs through a gate and was highly stressed.

Harris said a complaint had been made to police.

The 21-year-old said it appeared a party down the road had let off fireworks and "couldn't care less" when approached about what happened.

But Brown claimed a member of the Harris family pushed at least three of her guests, threatened her husband and damaged some of their property.

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"I had children in tears due to his aggression," she said.

They had also contacted the police, Brown said.

Brown said her group hadn't done anything illegal in letting off the fireworks.

A police spokesperson said an incident had been reported to police, and officers had spoken to one party involved.

"Enquiries into this matter are still ongoing and we have been in contact with the original complainant to update him on this matter, which has included telling him that police have gone to find the other party to speak to them, but they were not home. Phone calls have also been made to that person, asking them to contact police," the spokesperson said.

A warrant had not been issued for this matter and it was an ongoing investigation, she said.

The spokesperson said police needed to speak to the other party involved before making any further comment.

Harris said her family were trying to get the message out about what happens to animals when fireworks are left off, but the incident had turned into a "ridiculous debacle".

She said her sister was nearly killed 10 years ago when her horse was frightened by fireworks let off during the day.

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