Veteran's car taken

16:00, Dec 02 2013
Stolen Commodore
GUTTED: Allan Flynn’s 1984 Holden Commodore was stolen from LynnMall Shopping Centre.

An empty garage and a set of car keys are all 94-year-old Allan Flynn has left to remind him of his beloved 1984 Holden Commodore.

But police hope a public appeal for information might help the airforce veteran get his vehicle back.

Mr Flynn was visiting a friend at the New Lynn RSA on October 15 and parked across the road at LynnMall Shopping Centre.

He got back to find the vehicle he's owned for 27 years was gone.

All that remained were shards of glass on the concrete, suggesting someone had smashed their way in.

"I came out and the car wasn't there," he says. "My drivers licence was in the glove box and I had only just put a full tank of gas in for $95 the day before."


Mr Flynn, who served as an airforce mechanic in New Zealand during World War II, was parked in a bay that isn't monitored by security cameras so there's no footage of the incident.

Police want witnesses to come forward with any information about where the car could be and who may have stolen it.

Henderson Constable Marisa Cox says one person saw someone breaking a window.

She says the offender is described as male, either Maori or Pacific Island, who was wearing a grey hoodie.

Ms Cox says thefts in the area have been rare lately but could increase in the lead up to Christmas.

"LynnMall has really good security and it was just unfortunate that it didn't have any footage of this particular event."

Mr Flynn says he's lost some of his independence. He now relies on buses to visit the bank, go to the supermarket and see his brother and daughter.

"My son and his wife were coming over from Australia the day after my car was taken.

"I was meant to pick them up from the airport but couldn't," he says.

Mr Allan's car was insured for $3000 and he's been paid out $2750.

He'll look at buying a second hand vehicle if his car isn't found over the coming weeks.

Call Constable Marisa Cox on 213 8127 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you have any information about the car.

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