Dawson family memories in precious album

16:00, Dec 04 2013
LOVELY LADIES: This was among the many black and white photographs found in the album.

Do you recognise the people in these black and white photos?

Evette Scopes is looking for the family of Rene and Will Dawson whose family photo album she believes she has.

The Hillsborough resident has had the pink album since the late 1980s when her brother-in-law Grahame Scopes moved out of his Titirangi Rd home.

FOUND: Evette Scopes is looking for the family of Rene and Will Dawson whose photo album she has acquired

He moved into number 110 in 1981 and inherited all of the Dawson's belongings which had been left inside following Mr Dawson's move to a nearby retirement village after his wife's death.

Mr Dawson didn't appear to have any family members living nearby as it was Mr Scopes who drive him to the rest home.

Mr Scopes ended up selling the home in 1986 before moving to Australia the following year and eventually settling in London.


WEDDED BLISS: Rene and Will Dawson lived at 110 Titirangi Rd for many years.

He transferred many of his belongings to Mrs Scopes and among them was the bright pink photo album containing dozens of black and white photographs.

After keeping it with a pile of his belongings for more than 25 years Mrs Scopes is now looking for the album's rightful owners.

"It was under a trunk and we kind of forgot about it and I didn't realise it was there," she says.

"I told Grahame it was going to be my mission to find the family. I didn't just want to throw it out."

As well as photographs the album also contains postcards sent from Mr Dawson's step-granddaughter Lynette Mills from Dunedin.

The postcards date back to the 1970s so the Dawsons are believed to have resided at the Titirangi home for at least a decade before selling it to Mr Scopes.

There were also many photographs of dolls handmade from sea shells as well as a newspaper clipping about the craft.

Mrs Scopes says the dolls were among the many items left in the house when Mr Scopes moved in.

After finding the album Mrs Scopes says she's scoured all the photos for clues of where the Dawson family descendants may be living now.

"I think it's just a shame if they weren't able to have it back," she says.

She'd like to hear from anybody who thinks they might have information about the Dawson family or who might be related to the couple.

Phone the Western Leader on 836 9319 if you have any information.

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