Artist finally opens studio

WELCOME: Judith Moore-Chisholm is inviting the public to her Glen Eden studio this Sunday.
WELCOME: Judith Moore-Chisholm is inviting the public to her Glen Eden studio this Sunday.

Judith Moore-Chisholm is finally getting around to doing something she's wanted to for years.

The painter is holding an open day at her Glen Eden studio for the next two Sundays.

She'll be opening up her quarter acre section where she has spent years planting so many flowers she can barely recognise them all.

Her studio is nestled at the back of the property which is where her acrylic works will be open to the public.

It's the only place you can spot them these days.

Aside from the casual exhibition over the years, Mrs Moore-Chisholm hasn't worked with an art dealer in around a decade.

During her 30-year arts career she's been a finalist in the annual Wallace Art Awards four times and won Whakatane's Molly Morpeth Cannaday art award once.

Her decision to not use art dealers means she's free to take her art in any direction she wants, she says.

Dozens of paintings line her studio walls depicting everything from wedding dresses and flowers to men's shirts and egg timers.

"I say just look at it and tell me what it means to you," she says.

"Paintings are about enjoying a good idea.

"If you come to a painting and think ‘wow' it means it speaks to you from somewhere in your psyche."

If anybody prodded her too much to find out where she gets her ideas from she'd probably get committed, she says.

"But it isn't grounded in some deep psychological thought.

"It's just one of those mad ideas where I think I'll have a crack at that."

Her paintings have been sitting in the studio so long she decided a year ago she'd have a studio day so people could come and view the works themselves.

A busy life and procrastination got in the way but she's committed to this Sunday and December 15.

Guests are welcome at 39 Rua Rd, Glen Eden, from 10am till 6pm. Phone 827 4791.

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