Special birthday celebrations for sisters

16:00, Dec 11 2013
Scottish Sisters
SISTERS REUNITED: Kate Wilson, 55, left, Aileen Pittuck, 60, and Margaret Sutton, 70, are together for the first time after learning of each other’s existence.

This 70th birthday will be one to remember for Margaret Sutton.

The Massey resident gets to celebrate with two of her sisters for the first time after discovering she had a long lost sibling in Scotland.

Mrs Sutton was put into foster care in Glasgow in 1943 when she was four months old after her mother had her out of wedlock.

After moving to New Zealand as an adult in the 1980s, she discovered her birth mother and four other siblings were living in New South Wales, Australia and tracked them down.

"In 1984 I rang my birth mum in Australia and told her I was her daughter. Over the years I have kept in touch and visited them and I'm really close to my sister Kate," Mrs Sutton says.

But little did Mrs Sutton and Kate Wilson know they had another sister who was also given up for adoption living across the other side of the world in Edinburgh.


"Late one night in August this year I was up late and I decided to Google my maiden name, Elrick," Mrs Sutton says. "I saw this notice in a Scottish newspaper from 2006 come up and Aileen's daughter had written a message searching for us."

A "shocked" Mrs Sutton called her sister Mrs Wilson in Australia right away who made contact to confirm Aileen Pittuck was in fact a sister their mother had never mentioned.

Mrs Wilson says the discovery brought a whirlwind of emotions.

"She's a very secretive woman our mother and I think at the time it was the shame or embarrassment of having children out of wedlock."

Mrs Sutton was unaware her sister Aileen was travelling all the way from Scotland to celebrate her 70th birthday.

"It's another bit of a puzzle we never even knew was missing. The three of us have so much in common and we're very alike."

Aileen Pittuck is thrilled to finally meet her two sisters for the first time.

"I'm on cloud 9 and it's all very surreal but I feel very comfortable. It's completed the circle. Thank God for modern technology."

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