Leftovers for dinner

19:56, Dec 22 2013
Xmas Pets
FESTIVE FARE: It will be business as usual this Christmas for Lulu, and her buddies at Animal Management West, but they will get leftover ham and turkey as a special treat.

Spare a thought for the cats and dogs at Animal Management West while you're enjoying Christmas these holidays.

It's business as usual down at the shelter on Christmas Day.

And our furry friends have some of the best staff in Auckland making sure life is as good as it can be.

Xmas Pets
FESTIVE FARE: This young pup is excited for Christmas dinner.

Accommodation services team leader Vicki Whitaker says Boxing Day can be extra special for the animals.

"They actually prefer it because of all the leftover ham and turkey that's brought in," she says.

"They get little treats but you can't change their diet too much.


"In December especially we receive a lot of hampers from school children filled with goodies such as chew bones for the dogs and ping pong balls for the cats."

The shelter is open to the public throughout the holiday season except for Christmas Day.

Summer sees a lot of new puppies and kittens dropped off but adoption rates also tend to be higher. But Ms Whitaker says people should think carefully about whether they can care for a new addition to their family.

"We don't promote adopting pets as Christmas gifts because around six months later we do get a few returned.

"People can't go into it lightly and we still go to their properties to make sure they are suitable for adoption," she says.

For more information phone Animal Management West on 836 7777 or go to 48 The Concourse, Henderson.

Kennels are open for viewing during weekdays from 10.30am till 4.15pm, and on weekends and public holidays from 11am till 3pm.

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