WOF checks for rental housing

16:00, Dec 29 2013

Rental properties will soon have to be up to scratch to pass a warrant of fitness.

Warrant of fitness field tests for rental properties will hit Auckland next month in a move to make homes safer for children and the elderly.

Home assessment experts will test 25 rental homes in the region against 28 criteria including warmth, mould and dampness and need for basic state-of-repair.

Auckland mayor Len Brown says it's widely known that much of New Zealand's older housing stock falls below the building standards of many other OECD countries.

"The dampness of many of our older homes is well documented as contributing to respiratory and allergic disorders such as asthma and rheumatic fever."

Auckland Council, ACC, the New Zealand Green Building Council and the University of Otago support the programme.

The field tests will be an important step towards standardising methodologies and checklists between local government bodies to ensure the credibility of the WOF scheme.

Checks will run throughout January and February 2014 with the results due to be published in March.


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