School leads the way

16:00, Jan 23 2014
KBHS Clean
CLEANING MISSION: Kelston Boys High School prefects from back: Lewis Furmenger, Cameron Webster, Jefferey Irabor and Reza Hussaini, all 17, are serving their community during their holidays.

This year will be Kelston Boys High School's golden year if its students have their way.

The college is starting a community service programme which will see students complete 12 hours of community service during the school year.

Many year 13s have already spent the last week of their holidays cleaning graffiti and picking up rubbish.

Year 13 dean Paul Baledrokadroka says students will be required to complete their community service outside of school hours.

"We want to have a golden year this year. We want to be the best boys school in the country.

"Imagine if every kid in every Kelston school did this - what a community we'll have."


Students will be volunteering their time in rest homes, at the Whau river and helping caretakers at schools in the area. Mr Baledrokadroka says other community groups are invited to get in contact if they require help.

"It's important to serve your community and it will be a humbling experience for them."

Year 13 prefect Lewis Furmenger, 17, says community service is just as important as sporting and academic achievement.

"There are a lot of schools in our area and we are their role models. This also shows younger students you have to look after your community. It doesn't matter what background you have or path you've been on. Our school is a brotherhood, everyone is welcome and we are a family."

Cameron Webster, 17, says the programme is a great way to give back to the school community.

"It's about making a change and shaking off the stereotypes.

"We want to show that Kelston is not a bad place and that we value our community," Cameron says.

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