Royal Rd raises traffic flag

Intensification planned for Massey's Royal Rd has residents concerned about effects on traffic.

A 10 hectare area between Beauchamp and Westgate Drives is earmarked as a Special Housing Area, meaning the site is applicable for fast tracked resource consent for about 108 dwellings.

It's part of a joint venture between Auckland Council and the government to tackle Auckland's housing supply.

The last Royal Rd traffic counts undertaken in 2011 showed the number of vehicles travelling eastbound from Makora Rd averaged 13,578 daily.

Auckland Council's housing project director Ree Anderson says the site is a sensible area for development.

"It has excellent connectedness to surrounding areas, access to public transport and proximity to parks and reserves," she says.

"The council's Housing Project Office is not purely about facilitating housing but creating communities that have good access to community amenities."

Massey Birdwood Settlers Association secretary John Riddell says an increased population is good for businesses but a traffic management plan is needed.

"I think our roads are quite narrow and there might be parking issues," he says.

"First thing in the morning cars are just banking up waiting to get on to the motorway."

Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan says Auckland Transport is aware of traffic congestion on Royal Rd.

"There are plans for future upgrades of the Royal Rd interchange. It is also working on plans to improve the bus interchange at the Westgate shopping centre.

"This, along with improvements to the bus network and fare system, should help improve access to public transport."

Tony Gera has lived and worked along Royal Rd for 30 years and says there is significant congestion already.

"What the council wants to do is ridiculous," he says.

"There's no infrastructure to take it. Two to three days a week when there's no school holidays you can't get out the gate until after 9am."

Massey Henderson Local Board chairwoman Vanessa Neeson says any residents with concerns should approach the board.

"This is what's going to be happening, we're going to be having more houses so we're going to be looking at how it all fits so everyone can live in harmony," she says.

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