Raring to start school

16:00, Jan 27 2014
Cody Henare
NO FEAR: Cody Henare, 5, is ready to start at Arahoe School.

History will be repeating when Cody Henare starts school today.

The 5-year-old will begin his first day at Arahoe School, the same one his mum went to.

Cody is ready to start his new journey, evident by his willingness to show everyone he knows 10 plus 10 equals 20.

Louise McKean is not worried about her son's first day.

"Cody's been at daycare since he was 2 years old but he's outgrown it," she says.

"He's been ready to start school for at least a year already to be honest.


"For me it's all about finding the right school that gives him all the opportunities."

The process can be an emotional rollercoaster for the parent and the child, something the teacher bears witness to.

Margaret Samson has taught new entrants for 15 years.

Although she is now the principal at Edmonton School, Mrs Samson enjoys getting back into the classroom regularly.

The first day mainly consists of learning a new routine and showing the children around the school, she says.

"It is very special. Lots of photos are taken and you often have the grandparents there as well.

"I think of it as you are enrolling the whole family, not just the child. It's really important to make everyone feel welcome."

Standing back and letting parents get involved during the morning is a great way to begin the school journey, Mrs Samson says.

"Every child is an individual and that's what I love about these little characters.

"You find out what their strengths are and who they bond with."

Cody can't wait to start school and says he's excited to take part in all the different activities.

"I want to be able to count to 100 and I'm really looking forward to swimming in the school pool.

"I think I've got the guts to stay awake during the day," he says.

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