Minor algal bloom flavours water

16:00, Feb 17 2014

The taste of water is often taken for granted, until it doesn't taste good.

People from Titirangi and Laingholm through to Te Atatu will get to experience normal-tasting water from their taps again after a week of it tasting unpleasant and "earthy".

Last Monday Watercare fielded complaints about the taste and odour of water.

Auckland Public Regional Health Service received no complaints about water quality or health concerns and medical officer of health Dr Simon Baker says people were not at risk.

"Watercare has assured the Auckland Regional Public Health Service that the water is safe to drink, and algal bloom levels are too low to have a health impact."

Watercare's water supply operations manager Shayne Cunis says drinking water standards for New Zealand were still met.


The organisation says hot temperatures from the previous weekend triggered a minor algal bloom in the Lower Nihotupu storage dam which is responsible for much of the water supply.

Spokesman John Redwood says Watercare responded to complaints by giving people bottled water.

About 950 bottles were delivered to 405 properties throughout the week.

They also immediately began "carbon-dosing" and increasing supply from southern water sources to remedy the taste. Carbon-dosing is still under way.

"Some users experienced residual issues for another couple of days while affected water cleared from their pipes and hot water cylinders," Mr Redwood says.

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