Speeding drivers a worry

23:49, Feb 17 2014
Amber and Hamish Gee
FED UP: Amber and Hamish Gee are sick of people speeding down Glenview Rd, Glendene. In the latest incident a driver lost control of his car and crashed into their front fence. 

Two Glenview Rd people are calling for better measures to stop speeding drivers after a car crashed into their Glen Eden front yard on Friday morning.

Amber Gee, 33, was asleep in bed at 3am with husband Hamish, 39, when she heard the sound of a speeding car travelling from West Coast Rd down the hill toward Great North Rd.

"That woke me up first and then a few seconds later there was a crash and the whole house vibrated," Mrs Gee says.

From the bedroom window she saw a silver car had hit a power pole in their front yard and crashed through their fence.

The couple say the car had collapsed within itself with pieces all over the lawn and the wheels bent.

To their surprise the driver tried to reverse out but when that didn't work he fled on foot.


With a downed power pole and loose wires everywhere power was cut to the Gee's and a neighbour's home for most of the day.

The pair moved in four years ago and have a 9-month-old son Dexter but Mrs Gee grew up in the house and says after 30 years motorists still love to speed along the road.

Mr Gee says it's strange there isn't anything preventing speedsters because neighbouring side streets have speed bumps.

"This street is notorious for people attempting to drag race," he says.

"Occasionally we see a police traffic safety vehicle out here and it works but that's only during the day. We like it when it's parked there."

Waitakere police say speeds travelled on Glenview Rd is a concern but have no plans to introduce a permanent speed camera.

A spokesperson says figures show there is greater need in other Waitakere areas to reduce crashes with fixed cameras.

Along with Auckland Transport, they have made changes in the past including widening centre road markings and introducing a lower speed limit during school hours.

They believe this has been effective in reducing the number of speed-related crashes and will continue to use a mobile speed camera.

The driver of the vehicle has yet to be caught and police are continuing their enquiries.

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