Pool law changes coming

01:31, Mar 27 2014

Proposed changes to pool safety have made a splash with owners but existing laws still apply until at least the end of the year.

Under current law temporary pools with a water depth of more than 40cm must have a fence around them.

The changes would see those with at least 30cm of water, including inflatable and portable pools, needing to be fenced off.

Auckland Council building control manager Ian McCormick says a number of legal obligations come with owning a pool, including a requirement of registering it with council and getting a building consent before installation.

While numbers of fatal drownings have decreased in recent years Mr McCormick says there is still much to be done to minimise the risk of injury or fatalities.

"It's important to remember the risks associated with pool ownership, particularly where one is used by young children."

People can register their pool or check if one is registered by calling Auckland Council on 301 0101 or see aucklandcouncil.govt.nz.


Western Leader