Gift pre-loved sports gear to help motivate others

16:00, Feb 27 2014
Sports Donate
GOOD CAUSE: Julie Monaghan, with son Ryan, 9, is donating pre-loved sport gear to the Replay initiative.

Julie Monaghan's garage is packed with pre-loved sports gear.

Netball shoes, football boots, balls, bikes, a golf set and a portable soccer goal are just a few items collecting dust now sons Corey, 12, and Ryan, 9, have out-grown them.

To help more children get into sport and reap the many benefits an active lifestyle brings, Mrs Monaghan will gift the gear to the Replay initiative. The Laingholm resident says her family leads an active lifestyle and wants to help other children get into sport.

"Sport is a powerful way for children to learn important life values like respect, responsibility and team work. Replay can get children into sport and hopefully start a lifestyle change and good habits," she says.

Replay is organised by Sport Waitakere and supported by the Western Leader. It calls on schools, sport clubs and the community to donate new or pre-loved gear so it can be sold at low cost to families in need.

All items are collected at different points across West Auckland and will be sold at a monster garage sale at Trusts Arena from 10am till 1pm on April 6.


Money raised from sales is reinvested into Replay.

Green Bay High School chipped in last year gifting old footballs, cricket gear and shirts - some reaching as far as schools in the Pacific Islands.

Principal Morag Hutchinson says the initiative is perfect for schools, particularly with physical education departments facing what to do with old gear.

"Usually it gets replaced. The old gear takes up too much room so it gets dumped. High schools try and support students the best we can with gear but I know at primary and intermediate level their budgets are a bit tighter."

Mrs Hutchinson says it was rewarding to see families receive bargains at last year's garage sale.

"There must be so much sports gear out there just lying under the bed, in the back of the wardrobe and in the garage.

"Think of all the space you'd save if you donated."

Gear can be picked up. Call 966 3120 or visit for more information.

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