School takes steps to thwart vandals

TAGGING TARGET: Kaurilands School principal Jo Augustine wants her school to be respected.
TAGGING TARGET: Kaurilands School principal Jo Augustine wants her school to be respected.

Big Brother will be watching any culprits who continue to vandalise a Titirangi school.

Following a recent spate of vandalism in the school grounds, Kaurilands School principal Jo Augustine hopes that 10 newly installed closed circuit security cameras will capture those causing the damage.

Mrs Augustine says the school of 800 students appears to be a magnet for crime because of its size and location.

"We need to send a strong message that we are not going to tolerate this kind of behaviour in our school any more," she says.

"Our school is a community place and we don't mind it being used by the community as long as they respect it."

Tagging, fires and smashed windows are just some of the problems that staff and students are being faced with.

The culprits are also climbing on to the roof of the school, and most recently, dug up the school's vegetable garden.

Those responsible are entering the grounds and traipsing around the property, loitering on the decks and leaving behind their bottles, Mrs Augustine says.

The security cameras have come at a cost of $30,000 which the school hopes to recuperate at their upcoming annual fun day.

Mrs Augustine says the ongoing offending is time consuming as it can render areas out of use while a caretaker takes away the broken glass and organises repairs.

Any culprits caught on the security footage will be reported to the police and trespassed.

"We want them out of our school, we don't want them here.

"A lot of the times we do wonder where their parents think they are and what they actually think they're doing.

"When these kids hang around it is quite frightening for our little kids too. It's intimidating."


The Kaurilands School Fun Fair is on March 15, from 1pm till 5pm at 109 Atkinson Rd, Titirangi. Bouncy castles Rides Raffles and auctions Stalls selling clothing, toys, books, pots and plants, and bric-a-brac items.

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