Retailers fed up that parks may be lost

16:00, Mar 12 2014
 Robert Norcross
PARKING PROBLEM: Robert Norcross says car parks are the lifeblood of a retailer.

Retailers in Henderson are concerned that relocating a bus shelter will have a detrimental effect on trading.

Auckland Transport propose to move the bus stop outside the WestCity mall carpark on Railside Ave further up the road from 4-8 to 14-20 Railside Ave.

It is also looking to relocate an existing loading zone from outside 4-8 Railside Ave further north to outside the frontage of 382 Great North Rd, resulting in the loss of seven on-street car parking spaces.

Norcross Fishing World owner Robert Norcross has written to Auckland Transport and says the removal of parking spots will result in fewer customers.

"For the 50 years I have been here, people have complained continuously about the parking. We originally had parking on both sides of the street and we lost one side about 35 years ago and we have had to make do."

Mr Norcross feels there are alternative locations that would be suitable for bus stops.


"This is the narrowest part of Railside Ave and you're going to relocate a bus stop there," he says.

"The stupid thing is where the headquarters are at the moment they have acres of land which people have forgotten about. Another perfect site is right next to the railway lines on Smythe Rd."

Auckland Transport will be increasing the number of buses servicing these bus stops over the next few years with increasing demand.

There is no room to expand the bus stop outside the mall because of the Westfield carpark driveway and the Edsel St intersection. The relocated bus stop will be long enough to accommodate three buses at any one time.

Chiming Cao owns Noodle Canteen on Railside Ave and his wife, Haiping says the proposal will not be good for business.

"My customers come here and there are not enough car parks," she says. "We will lose money."

Auckland Transport media manager Mark Hannan says the proposal is at the consultation stage and all feedback will be considered before a final decision is made.

"Whenever we propose changes to bus stops and shelters outside businesses, we actively consider potential impacts upon those businesses as part of the design," he says. "It must be recognised, however, that bus passengers are also potential customers for businesses."

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