Birds capture imaginations

16:00, Mar 17 2014
Delicia Sampero
BIG BIRDS: Artist Delicia Sampero wants visitors to form their own opinions of the resident birds.

Human-size birds are flocking to Titirangi - and residents are getting in a flap.

Standing a little over 2 metres tall, the florescent birds are casting their eye over the village from various spots, including the roof of Lopdell House, the adjacent building site of the new gallery and hovering next to the phone box.

A discussion on the Titirangi Facebook page indicates mixed feelings among residents.

Lopdell House
BIRD WATCH: A birds perches on the roof of Lopdell House.

One woman writes "I just love the Kiwi heads and the different poses. I just adore them moving around to different places. They so make me smile" and another "It's like a treasure hunt as we move around the village. The kids love them. They have their favourites they try to spot".

However, one resident says she is ready for a new installation.

"Have been trying to avoid the area, so not to be spotted by an over imaginative 4-year-old ... nightmares."


Another writes "The orange sculptures on top of Lopdell House are disturbing and scary! I almost crashed on my way home when I noticed them."

Delicia Sampero is the creator of the Conference of the Birds installation and she wants those who sight the creatures to form their own opinions of them.

"I think I'm really happy that it's working that way," she says.

"I know some people don't like them and they'll be happy that it's temporary. Most responses have been very positive."

The Laingholm artist says they are designed to invite people to take a fresh look at their surroundings and to contemplate the relationship of roads, city, people and nature.

The figures can also be read as pointers to a different dimension.

She says the design of the birds are based on friends who have previously modelled for the artist.

Their full impact is experienced when viewed front-on.

The Conference of the Birds will remain in Titirangi until May 1.

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