YouTube's makeup video queen

22:02, Mar 20 2014
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MAKEUP ADDICTION: Olivia Mead creates makeup tutorials for YouTube from her home computer.

Olivia Mead is enjoying a strong YouTube following thanks to her talents with a makeup brush.

The 19-year-old creates makeup tutorials for YouTube and has more than 13,000 followers.

She is also generating a solid income for herself.

The Te Atatu resident began making videos four years ago when she was at St Dominic's College.

"I was really crappy at it back then, but I'd been watching YouTube for three years before that and I basically learnt everything I know from watching YouTube. So I thought I'd give it back and help other people."

Miss Mead was even more determined to be seen when she realised there was only one other New Zealander doing makeup tutorials.


Using her YouTube channel name Xlivlovesmakeup, she has also gathered a large following on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

"I find it really hard balancing my university work, my part-time job and making the videos. I actually have to tell people if I have exams coming up, otherwise they write messages asking where my videos are."

Miss Mead says the funds she receives from promoting New Zealand products could sustain her financially if she didn't use it to fuel her addiction to makeup.

She works part-time to cover the essentials, but anything extra is fun money.

"I do work for Maybelline New Zealand on their YouTube and Facebook."

In recent months Miss Mead has been getting more popular - she has started attending local events and making videos with other New Zealanders who share her passion.

She has even been recognised in public and asked for photographs, which she describes as "surreal and unexpected".

Isobel Caine, 17, is a fan of her tutorials and has been watching them from the start. "I love how Olivia is so relatable and funny. She isn't afraid to pull faces and look silly on camera. I also really trust her judgment of products too, she always says which ones are best and where to get them from."

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