Stink rises over pumping station plans

17:00, Apr 16 2014
Noel Rugg
STINKY PLANS: Noel Rugg says the public should be concerned about Hobsonville Land Company’s plans for a wastewater pumping station at The Landing.

Critics are kicking up a stink over Hobsonville Land Company plans for a wastewater pumping station at a spot where people gather.

The organisation in charge of Hobsonville Point's development is basing its third pumping station in an area also described by the company as a "coastal gateway".

The Landing is home to the Hobsonville Farmer's Market which attracts hundreds of people on weekends, as well as daily ferry users.

Upper Harbour Local Board chairman Brian Neeson says the location is "disastrous".

"It seems to be right in the centre of what is going to be a community area," Neeson says.

"It's going to attract an awful lot of people going past."


The main pumping station at Buckley Ave has a history of bad odours and he is concerned the problem will continue at The Landing.

Infrastructure Catchment Liaison Group member and Environment Court appointee Noel Rugg says a better location is closer to Bomb Point where discharge would move quicker.

Developers at neighbouring Scott Rd could also benefit from it, he says.

"They're going to have just as many houses, if not more, and with the growth we're talking about, it needs to handle not just our needs but theirs as well," Rugg says.

"This is going to be the most fantastic place for the community. It will be very, very busy.

"To put this grubby thing over there where there is a congregation of people just doesn't make sense."

Hobsonville Land Company development manager David Ison says although the location "isn't perfect", it's the best of the bunch.

People will walk or drive past but they won't congregate there, he says.

"We've discussed many options with our engineers and with Watercare and are confident that the option we are now going ahead with is the right one."

He says they haven't received complaints about bad odour from Buckley Ave in six months and is confident underuse was the culprit.

Scott Rd has no connection with Hobsonville Pt because it has its own catchment and will require its own solution, he says.

"Watercare ensures that the solutions for various developments are integrated and we have worked closely with them."

Construction of the station will be completed by September and will replace two existing pump stations at The Landing.

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