Outdoor concert set for Dargaville

17:00, Apr 06 2010

Dargaville is about to be treated to its first big outdoor music concert – and if the Great Northern concert on Saturday, April 17, is a success it will pave the way for an annual event.

The eight-hour event at the field days site is being organised by Dargaville's own Orbit Stages in conjunction with Creative House recording and rehearsal studios from Auckland.

Featuring a top line-up including reggae/dub musician Tiki Taane (acoustic) with DJ Samboro (Shapeshifter), Rhombus in Dub, P Digss, Peacekeeper (Shapeshifter), D J Lowe1, with local support from Soljah and Less the Harp.

It is the brainchild of Gavin Harper, Simon Murphy and Rodney Hannell who recently returned to the town they grew up in and created Orbit Stages, a company specialising in staging for outdoors events.

They have already imported a full-sized aluminium stage that will see its first use on April 17.

Gavin spent 15 years in Britain and Australia where he was involved with organising concerts and setting up stages. This was followed by six years setting up stages for events like Auckland's Big Day Out and Ragamuffin.


"We wanted to do a concert in Dargaville to provide something for people to do and because there has never been a big outdoor music event here," he says.

"They have always been in the town hall which has limited capacity.

"We know a lot of people in the industry, combined with Daniel Larsen's help from Creative House we have been able to pull in some really good acts"

The field days site is seen as ideal with power and plenty of parking. Gavin says the artists are "keen as" and that he has had great support from the field days organisers, Rotary who will help with parking and Dargaville Fire Brigade.

He expects the concert to appeal to people from all over Northland and also Auckland as the noon to 8pm timing makes for easy travel.

"If it works it will become an annual event," Gavin says.

Tickets cost $35 for pre-sales and $45 at the venue. More information is available at www.thegreatnorthern.co.nz

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