Review: Boy With Tape On His Face

MORE THAN WORDS: The Boy With Tape On His Face uses music to enhance his punchlines.
MORE THAN WORDS: The Boy With Tape On His Face uses music to enhance his punchlines.

Getting two strangers to kiss passionately on a stage in front of hundreds of people - including their partners - is no easy task.

But The Boy With Tape On His Face is persuasive.

With his quirky facial expression and gestures, the comic urged the pair to perform a courtship skit and after two unacceptable attempts - a kiss on the cheek and an awkward peck - they gave in and went for the full smooch.

Only then were the audience allowed to applaud and the stars allowed off stage.

The award-winning comedian's show is dependent on his fans' participation, and we were warned beforehand to be good sports.

In a cheery, sing-song voice, the MC said: "Play along or you will look like a cock." 

He doesn't always pick the best candidates but the rubbish ones are booted off stage pretty swiftly.

Trying to be funny lady? You're out. Can't follow The Boy's silently simple instructions? You're off.

The Boy - real name Sam Willis - makes good use of well-known songs, timed for maximum comic effect.

The Star Wars tune blasts loud as he takes on an audience member in a light sabre fight using metal tape measures.

Lean On Me plays as four young men who have never met get up close and personal, coerced into a tight human pyramid.

My Endless Love is the soundtrack for a pair of lovers, performed by The Boy using cute kitchen gloves with eyes.

And I don't want to ruin the hilariously clever finale, but the whole audience is allowed to get involved and raucous for 99 Red Balloons.


WHERE: Rangatira at Q, Queen St, Auckland

WHEN: Monday, May 14

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