Awards sweep for Adeaze

23:08, May 31 2012
Kaz Futialo
Kaz Futialo, winner of Best Pacific Music Album award at the 2012 Pacific Music Awards.
David Dallas
David Dallas, winner of the NZ Music Commission Best Pacific Male Artist award, performing at the 2012 Pacific Music Awards.
Ria, winner of the People's Choice Award at the 2012 Pacific Music Awards.
JBoog, special guest performer at the 2012 Pacific Music Awards in Auckland.
Feagaigafou Tupali and Logovii Tupali
Adeaze's Feagaigafou Tupali and Logovii Tupali accepting their Best Pacific Urban Artist award at the 2012 Pacific Music Awards in Auckland.

Auckland group Adeaze proved absence really does make the heart grow fonder tonight, picking up three Pacific Music Awards with their first album in almost seven years.

The brothers - Feagaigafou (Nainz) and Logovii (Viiz) Tupai - won Best Pacific Urban Album, Best Pacific Group and their track Paradise was named Best Pacific Song at the awards held at the Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre, in Manukau.

It was a star-studded event with performances from Adeaze and Auckland hip hop star David Dallas, celebrating Pasifika music and culture in New Zealand.

It's familiar ground for the Tupai brothers who won the Best Group award in 2005 on the back of their debut album, Always and For Real.

But rather than plough on with another album, Adeaze took a near seven-year break to concentrate on their young families.  

"I think it's been an important path for both of us, just being there for our kids," older brother Nainz said.
"It's a hard life in the industry... always being away from home, so it was a hard call - to make sure the kids were old enough to mow the lawn before we could come back and do some music."

The brothers, who are of Samoan descent, said a Pacific sound comes naturally to them.

"The first songs we were brought up playing were Samoan songs, so definitely Island grooves are in our style," Viiz said.

Other winners included Dallas, who was named Best Pacific Male Artist, while Bella Kalolo took home the award for Best Pacific Female Artist.

Best Pacific Album went to Kas Futialo - aka The Freestyler's - Good Morning Samoa.

Full list of Pacific Music Award winners:

Best Pacific Female Artist - Bella Kalolo
Best Pacific Male Artist - David Dallas
Best Pacific Urban Artist - Adeaze
Best Pacific Group - Adeaze
Best Pacific Song - Adeaze, Paradise
Best Pacific Language Album - Kas Futialo, Good Morning Samoa
Best Pacific Gospel Album - Mutalau Ululauta Matahefonua Trust Choir, Lologo Tapu Tokiofa Mutalau Niue - Taofi Lologo 5
Radio Airplay Award - Brooke Fraser, Betty
Lifetime Achievement Award - The Keil Isles
Most Promising Artist - Giant Killa
People's Choice Award - Ria


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