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00:17, Jun 20 2012
Auckland Photo Day
The winning photo, Don't Worry Be happy by Lee Copas.
Auckland Photo Day
In second place, A Day In bed by Karen Larsen.
Auckland Photo Day
In third place, Chasing The Birds by Angela Taft.
Auckland Photo Day
Runner-up, Taking In The View by Ian Rushton.
Auckland Photo Day
Runner-up, The Visit by Ashley Koo.
Auckland Photo Day
Runner-up, The Whole World In My Hand by Joanna Walker.
Auckland Photo Day
Runner-up, Morning Bath by Bernadette Fastnedge.
Auckland Photo Day
Runner-up, Concentration by Lynley Mitchell.
Auckland Photo Day
Runner-up, Tottering by Hanna Han.
Auckland Photo Day
Runner-up, Night Out in Auckland by Emily May.

An amateur photographer who snapped a photograph of a man with a moko standing on the steps of the Aotea Centre has won top prize in a 24-hour photo competition.

The Nikon Auckland Photo Day, which was first held in 2004 as part of the Auckland Photography Festival, asks photographers to capture an image which reflects their view of the city.

Winning photographer Lee Copas, from Franklin, saw his subject standing on the steps of the Aotea Centre shortly after the competition kicked off on Saturday, June 9.

"There was a festival going on at the Aotea Centre about Auckland being nuclear free and it was sort of like a peace festival," he said.

"He was sort of standing around and I asked him if I could take a photograph and he was happy to do it."

Although Copas had taken plenty of other photographs throughout the day, he said this was the one which best described his view of Auckland.

"I like the fact that it's a Maori man wearing a moko smiling away, it sort of fitted with the festival," he said.

"Most of my photography is natural portraiture and street photography, so I think just because of that it's natural, it's not posed and he looks friendly."

The 44-year-old, who took the top prize of a digital SLR camera, only picked up his hobby five years ago when he joined the Pukekohe and Franklin Photography Club.

"I don't work as a photographer, but it's definitely my passion," he said.

Copas will carry on with his day job - in the mining and construction industry - but said it would take some time for the glow of winning to wear off.

"To be honest, I'm still trying to sort of bring my head back down a bit."

Takapuna woman Karen Larsen's shot of a man lying in bed was placed second, while Angela Taft's image of a child chasing birds came in third.


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