Luger Boa hit the road

22:59, Jul 27 2012
ON TOUR: Luger Boa are heading to the land of the rising sun.

Luger Boa are once again out to prove they're a "kick arse" live show by hitting the road in a month-long tour.

The rock and roll outfit have enlisted the help of Clap Clap Riot and Villany as they play a three-date New Zealand tour before heading over to Japan and Australia for International Mayhem.

And it's the perfect way to road test new material, with Luger Boa recording their live shows for a new EP set to be released later in the year.

"We want it to be as close to the live experience and eclectic as possible," said frontman Jimmy Christmas.

"[The new material] is going to be twisted in its own way but I think it's very much to do with the essence of a band playing and ebbing and flowing together live," he said.

Christmas, who has been on the local music scene for nearly 15 years, is keen to take on the "all or nothing" Japanese market in order to "freshen things up" for the band in an environment where their anonymity allows them a clean slate.


"The performance levels are higher, the intensity is higher and the environment is incredibly stimulating," he said.
"It's will be the first time there for the rest of the guys but I love the environment, the lack of pretension and the honesty of the rock and roll scene. I find it very inspiring."

While their anonymity might pay off inspiration once they touch down in the land of the rising sun, there's no discounting the local crowds.

The band have toured extensively across the country in the four years they've been together and performed in front of a sold-out crowd while opening for Meat Loaf in October last year.

"When I looked at the Bat out of Hell cover, I was very young and impressionable and didn't think at the time I'd be sitting backstage drinking tequila with the man himself," said Christmas.

"It was very surreal, but most things in music are. I've had experiences I just couldn't conceive of."

And those experiences are not something he, or the rest of the band, are willing to give up on just yet.

"I've always signed up to highs and lows not the normal medium, and music is a good medium for that. It's a good caricature for life."

Luger Boa
Kings Arms, Auckland - Saturday, July 28

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