Review: Smashing Pumpkins

00:57, Aug 06 2012
The Smashing Pumpkins
ON FORM: The Smashing Pumpkins' frontman Billy Corgan on stage at Vector Arena last night.

There are not many musical acts that can wow an Auckland audience consisting of fans from different generations but The Smashing Pumpkins did just that last night.

Frontman Billy Corgan, the only remaining original member, summed up the adoration of the passionate crowd perfectly towards the end of the show: "It's amazing, we have fans here from 1987 right up to 2007, thank you."

While the crowd may have been relatively small the experienced rockers still know how to satisfy an audience.

Some critics may associate the high-octane smash and grab sound of The Smashing Pumpkins as 90s nostalgia but 3,900 fans at the Vector Arena were treated to a memorable evening of high-octane rock.

Corgan seemed delighted with the reaction to the group's latest record 'Oceania' and the audience were equally pleased with the frenetic finish to an electric evening.

The mixture of new material like songs Violet Rays, One Diamond, One Heart and Quaser warmed up the crowd although the energy levels dropped momentarily at various intervals.

Some fans looked a little distracted or even slightly unimpressed with the number of new songs at the start of the show, and perhaps some of the better known tunes could have been sprinkled out a little more.

The band have produced some of the most iconic rock music of recent decades, and their unique hard-hitting sound brought raptures of pleasurable roars from an excitable crowd. The atmosphere and intensity built up gradually as genuinely powerful tunes such as X.Y.U, Disarm and Tonight Tonight reverberated around the arena.

Following a quite unremarkable last ten years the Pumpkins have conjured up some promising new sounds which loyal fans will hope could mark a return to form.

As the pace intensified, and the head-banging vibrations of the crowd multiplied, revellers were truly in "Pumpkin" Valhalla.


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