Ridges TV show 'just a job'

COMING SOON: Sally and Jaime Ridge in a promotional shot for their reality TV show.
COMING SOON: Sally and Jaime Ridge in a promotional shot for their reality TV show.

Sally Ridge knows people "hate" her, and says she made a reality television show with 19-year-old daughter Jaime "purely... as a job".

The pair told New Idea they don't care about public criticism of their show, The Ridges, which premieres on TV3 on September 12.

"I'm not doing it to make people like me," Sally Ridge said.

"People hate us, and we'll most likely never change that. I purely did it as a job. I'm a single mother, I've got four children, and I'll do what I have to do to raise them."

The series follows Jaime as she prepares for a celebrity boxing match, and Sally as she renovates a rundown boarding house to turn it into a home for her family.

Sally has found the backlash against her to be something new, and said when she first drew attention as the then 20-year-old wife of former All Black Matthew Ridge all the attention was positive.

"Being in the public eye back then was very different," she told New Idea.

For Jaime, Matthew Ridge's estranged daughter, the nasty comments are nothing unusual.

"I don't know what it would be like not having people say nasty things about me - it would be strange," she said.

While much of the nastiness happens over social media, Jaime had a face-to-face taste of it while celebrating her 19th birthday last month with Sally and a group of friends.

A guy abused Jaime outside Auckland bar 1885, suggesting she get friends and asking why she hung out with her mum.

"Because she's hot - look at you," Jaime told him.

New Idea editor Louise Wright has seen the first two episodes of The Ridges and promised it "will blow your mind".

"Let's just say the mouse-ridden, 13-bedroom boarding house scene had me in stitches. It's compelling. It's hysterical. You will laugh, you will scream. And it will leave you wanting more."

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