Fans gripped by Wigglemania

21:03, Sep 16 2012
The Wiggles
The Wiggles take to the stage in their little red car.
The Wiggles
Clare Moore, 6, gets into the swing of things as The Wiggles take to the stage.
The Wiggles
A young fan dressed as a pirate for the occasion.
The Wiggles
Another fan dressed as an octopus.
The Wiggles
Young fans hold up roses before they give them to The Wiggles.

Five thousand screaming toddlers took over Auckland's Vector Arena as Wigglemania gripped them ahead of their Wiggley shake-up.

The band drove onto stage in their Big Red Car, handed out roses to children and even invited a lucky few onto stage.

All the big numbers were covered, Hot Potato, Rock-a-bye bear and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

And Dorothy and Wags made sure they weren't forgotten with a super special wiggle to everyone. 

But it was the three 'The Wiggles in-training' who received all the attention after announcing they would be taking over from Jeff Fatt, Murray Cook and Greg Page.

The concert farewells Fatt, Cook and Page who won't return to the stage in their purple, red and yellow shirts.


All three were very emotional as they left the stage with a sign gifted by a fan reading, "You're never too old to wiggle".

Only the Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field, will remain.

All four members have openly expressed their concerns about the rigours of touring in recent years.

A further show will be held tonight at Vector Arena tomorrow, followed by three more tomorrow as part of a 27 concert nationwide tour.

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