Living artwork at Botanic Gardens

00:28, Oct 23 2012
Ralf Witthaus
BOREHOLE UNDERWAY: Renowned German landscape artist Ralf Witthaus will create living artworks for the Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Auckland's Botanic Gardens will be turned into an outdoor gallery this month.

Renowned German landscape artist Ralf Witthaus and a team of volunteers from his homeland along with local helping hands today started creating live artwork at the Manurewa gardens as part of a two-country installation.

The complete masterpiece - which stretches 100 metres in diameter - will be on display at the Hill Rd gardens next Thursday to October 28.

The project is fittingly called 'The Borehole to New Zealand' as a mirror to work that has been completed in Germany.

Witthaus' team are expected to take 700 hours to complete the Auckland end of the project, using brushcutters and paintbrushes.

"When I found out STIHL NZ was supporting me in my vision and I'd be coming to New Zealand to complete the other half of my installation, it was really a dream come true,'' he said.

''I have completed a number of landscape art projects but never one that spans the globe. The work will reflect a bore hole, showing the relationship between one side of the world to the other - hence the graphic reflection. The finished product will be a real vision, from both sides of the world."

Witthaus has shown his drawings, collages and installations in over a hundred exhibitions in Germany and Europe and several books on his work have been published. His most famous project is the Federal Lawn Show 2010, a lawn art work stretching 7km through the inner green belt of Cologne.


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