7 Days stars hit the road

19:22, Nov 22 2012
7 days
7 DAYS: The stars of the show are hitting the road to see what happens when you stick nine comedians in a van.

What happens when you throw nine comedians in a van as they drive around the country?   

While it sounds like it could be the start of a joke, the 7 Days team are trying to answer that very question ahead of their nationwide tour.

Led by the show's host, Jeremy Corbett, and team captains Paul Ego and Dai Henwood, the live show is hitting the road on a 10 date trip from Auckland to Invercargill.

They've done this before, so they know what to expect from the usually appreciative regions.

"It's a violent appreciation," said Henwood after recounting a series of shouted, excited, expletive-filled drive-by experiences in Whanganui on the last tour.

"They are glad you are there, but they don't want you to get up yourself," said Corbett.

Joining them will be Ben Hurley, Steve Wrigley, Jeremy Elwood, Jesse Mulligan, Jesse Griffin and Urzila Carlson - all regulars on the show.

But the decision weighing on Corbett, Henwood and Ego's minds at the moment is simple: who will they pick on for the tour?

Wrigley? "I just don't think we could, he might break too easily," said Ego.

Hurley? "That would be like poking a bear that has a saw paw and a chainsaw," worries Henwood.

Elwood? "To break him would be a joy, actually," said Corbett.

"We've got to get him doing really bad puns and enjoying it," agrees Ego.

And for Carlson, Ego said there was no point even trying.
"I think she is unbreakable."

Bullying aside, the team are relishing the chance to bounce off each other in front of a live audience, who they hope will enjoy it just as much.

"The live show is great.  It's everything they like about 7 Days being non-PC ... I think they will also see that we are sharp, and we do know how to do this and we have so much fun playing off each other," said Henwood.

And that fun officially reached the 100 show mark earlier this year. 

Hitting the milestone was a complete surprise to Corbett, who thought the show was good, but its longevity has certainly exceeded all his expectations.

"You are like the longest living Bond, like if they never changed the actors," Ego said to Corbett.

However, Henwood said one of the best aspects of the series was its ability to launch new comedic talents.

"Before 7 Days, there wasn't an easy line into television comedy. But now, if someone is showing good stand up form, they can come and get on TV. And it's that chicken-egg thing, once they start doing stand up, then they get on TV, and once they've been on TV people go and watch them on stage."

7 Days New Zealand Tour:

November 23 - Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland
November 26 - Hawke's Bay Opera House, Hastings
November 27 - Regent Theatre, Palmerston North
November 28 - Civic Theatre, Rotorua
November 29 - Theatre Royal, Timaru
November 30 - Regent Theatre, Dunedin
December 1 - Civic Theatre, Invercargill
December 3 - Baycourt Theatre, Tauranga
December 7 - Opera House, Wellington
December 8 - Opera House, Whanganui


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