Designer lights up Queen St for Christmas

01:36, Nov 30 2012

More than 1000 recyclable lights lining Queen St have been switched on after months of work by the local designers.

Angus Muir and the team at Auckland company Fresh Concept began working on the design of the light display that runs from The Civic Theatre to Britomart since July.

The result is about 1000 pentagon-shaped lights covering 22 street lights and forming three banners across Queen St, which were officially switched on last night. 

The brief from organisers was to create something urban, while bringing an international Christmas feel to Auckland's main street.

"We wanted to come up with something that was accessible to everyone, that wasn't specific to a race or religion. We think we've created that. Something that's Christmasy but contemporary as well," said Muir.

The custom-designed and built pentagons form star shapes that are red, god and white during the day, while at night they light up in synchronised displays of light and colour.


Each pentagon has been moulded from high impact styrene and inside each one is a low energy consumption LED light source that can glow across a wide spectrum of colours.

Muir said the whole display uses the equivalent of about 20 light bulbs in power and it was designed and built in New Zealand from recyclable materials.

"The power that it draws is really minimal, and that's a big thing we are into - environmentally friendly and sustainable projects."

Muir was recently named one of the winners of the Philips Lighting competition at the Art in the Dark festival run in Western Park and is currently working on projects at Silo Park and Queens Wharf. 

The lights will be switched on each night in the lead up to Christmas.

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