Pretty Ricky 'like Madonna'

Pretty Ricky promoter defends "on-stage sex show" saying it is no different to Madonna behaviour on stage.

WWE wrestling icon charged with murder

Retired wrestling legend Jimmy Snuka has been arrested and charged with murder over the death of a girlfriend 32 years ago.

Guy Williams gives pigeons a voice

TV personality and DJ Guy Williams has teamed up with Christchurch rapper Scribe to give pigeons a voice.

James Bond, a feminist?

New Bond movie Spectre will see Daniel Craig as 007 in a less "sexist" role than ever before.

Kermit dates new girlfriend

A mere month after announcing his split from Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog is already embarking on a new relationship.

Measure for measure this is passionate Shakespeare

REVIEW: A new version of Measure for Measure is just the right length to enjoy.

Audience participation too far?

Pretty Ricky aren't the first musicians known to get their fans involved onstage.

Apple pursued Top Gear team

Apple is hatching plans to create its own original television shows, even making an audacious bid to secure the former stars of Top Gear, it has emerged.

Step Dave stumbles on return

Step Dave

Step Dave started with a bang but unfortunately couldn't sustain the excitement over the course of the first season.

Guest Blog: Don't look back

Simon Sweetman


This week the inmates are running the asylum. Ken offered to talk about why black music is obsessed with the future and white music is obsessed with the past.

Kermit moves on from Miss Piggy

Kermit the Frog has traded in his long-term love Miss Piggy for a younger model. Such a cliche.

Hemsworth pic sparks couple rumour

Rumours are spreading that Australian actor Liam Hemsworth could have a new flame in the form of a sexpot diva.

The magic of engaging with music

Ludwig Treviranus first performed in Wellington's Artsplash Festival as a nine-year-old.

Brooke Fraser cuts through hand

Knife "kinda sorta" went through hand while singer cut avocado.

Concert's 'live sex show' causes outrage

Band's "live sex show" on stage causes outrage among concertgoers.

Why this selfie is a big deal

Rob Kardashian has posted a selfie, and though it contained no nudity, profanity or anything out of the ordinary it was billed as a big deal.

Kiwi country stalwarts hit churches

Marlon Williams and Barry Saunders sit down and answer a few hard-hitting questions about country music.

Don't be cruel, begs noisy Elvis

Impersonator told to turn down his practice sessions after noise complaint.

White House addresses Kanye's bid

A White House representative has responded to Kanye West’s presidential hopes.

Video Vault: On the Mat

This week we look back at two great New Zealand sporting moments; we remember On the Mat host Steve Rickard, and former Prime Minister Norman Kirk.

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