Bach: Zac the untidy Kiwi

We started with a suspense-filled montage and it was just all too intense.

The Godfather after 45 years

Al Pacino was considered too short, Marlon Brando was required to do a screen test, and director Francis Ford Coppola was almost fired.

Lorde shares her favourite songs

Take a glimpse into the Kiwi's star's musical mind.

13 Reasons Why haunts viewer forever

COMMENT: 13 Reasons why has cast suicide as a form of triumphant payback. It is dangerous and wrong.

Hacker releases Orange is the New Black

A hacker claims to have released episodes of Season 5 of Netflix's hit series Orange Is The New Black, after their demands weren't met.

Live: Is there a chill in the air?

The battle for the bachelor is heating up. How do we know? The challenges are getting cray-cray.

Raw naked talent

TVNZ's new singing series is called The Naked Choir - but host Jeff Hunkin assures us that everyone is fully clothed at all times.

Rebel Wilson's defamation case in court

Rebel Wilson claims defamatory magazine articles, making her out to be a serial liar, cost her roles in Hollywood.

Jason Priestley returns to TV

The former 90210 heart-throb stars in the new detective series Private Eyes.

Gurney solo but with The DeSotos

Paul Gurney is a man of many musical parts.

Old folks' Olympics aren't what you think

You should laugh at least once a day, and with that in mind, here's a comedian's look at the Olympics for old people.

Colossal fun and tom foolery

REVIEW: Anne Hathaway stars in a film that's silly but so original and charmingly cute we completely buy into it.

Real men read chick lit, too

OPINION: Why are some books and movies marketed so strongly to a female audience when all of us might enjoy them?

Us Two: Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear

These British reality TV stars fell in love on set.

The nature-lover who loves 1080

Science writer Dave Hansford is ready for storm of protest over his book praising 1080 poison

From the desert to dreamland

Artist/ musician Maryrose Crook left Christchurch after the quakes and ended up in the Californian desert. She's coming home, bringing her electric guitar and a roomful of extraordinary paintings.

Creating Havoc

Mikey's back with the band! The irrepressible DJ and TV star says he has no regrets... well, a few (particularly those parking tickets)

Ed Byrne's Kiwi love story

The Irish comic on why Kaikoura has a special place in his heart.

MEAT: The modern story of the animals we eat

We're a nation of animal eaters yet we tend to know little about them and how they end up on our forks.

The worst (festival) day of my life

OPINION: Fyre is not the first festival to put the fear of God into fans. I survived Soundwave 2010. No really, I did.

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