TVNZ content director resigns

Jeff Latch leaves the broadcaster ahead of job cuts after 23 years at TVNZ.

No Bachelor in first Bach NZ kiss

Two Bachelorettes have stolen Zac Franich's thunder, sharing season three's first intimate moment before anyone else.

Age gap left Bachelorette cold

The three years between Mariana Morrison and The Bachelor made leaving the mansion less of a challenge.

Head's up, Matty!

Weatherman was left with gash in his head after appearing on children's television.

It's all about the jumpsuits

Thirteen years after the Big Day Out, The Darkness return to New Zealand, without a hint of cool.

Horror for those who avoid them

REVIEW: The new TV series that's so utterly terrifying you won't be able to stop watching.

Fans feared 'another Adele disaster'

Concert-goers in New Plymouth were once again faced with flight delays.

Quietly subversive Beauty huge fun

REVIEW: 2017's Beauty is a sumptuous, pacy, spectacular, beautifully designed and hugely enjoyable film.

Goodbye, Pork Pie producer passes

Kiwi film producer Nigel Hutchinson is remembered as "a natural born film-maker who also had real enthusiasm".

Antonio Banderas's broken heart

After 37 years as a 'workaholic', the Spanish star's heart gave out on a film set. He's lucky he survived.

Angelina Jolie fires brother

James Haven has reportedly been "quietly dismissed" by his sister from his job as head nanny to her brood.

Moulin Rouge star headed our way

Cabaret de Paris set for Auckland, Wellington, Napier and Christchurch shows.

Mode's Spirit inspired by 'rocked' world

The British electronic trio is back with a dozen new dark songs.

Harrison Ford's near-miss

Actor was "distracted" when he landed on the wrong runway, coming close to an airliner carrying 116 people.

Sleek, stylish and short of ideas

REVIEW: Life director Daniel Espinosa doesn't really bring anything new to the sci-fi story in space table.

Cumberbatch welcomes baby boy

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are said to have become parents for the second time.

Richard Branson parties in NZ

Stellar line-up of famous Kiwi faces party with British billionaire, and there was even dancing on the tables.

The Bachelor gets beachy

Bloody oath, it is week two of The Bachelor and I'm excited to hear what crackers Lily breaks out with next.

The Walking Dead: 'More pain to come'

Andrew Lincoln says he is thrilled the band of survivors finally fight back in the season finale.

Adele-uge at superstar's last show

Superstar Adele dons a poncho as she laughs off the rain in her final NZ concert.

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