A night to remember

REVIEW: Bruce Springsteen gives Christchurch a musical memory to be cherished by those who were there.

First Sight: A push too far?

The day Alene has been waiting for her whole marriage is finally here. But will Simon really cut his hair?

Brian Tamaki sucked in by fake news site

Destiny Church boss shares post from site claiming Obama building secret army to overthrow Trump.

Three claim Project ratings win

TVNZ claims punters were just "tasting" Three's new show and Seven Sharp still reigns.

Shakespeare gets a '70s update

One of The Bard's better-known comedies features in the ongoing Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival.

David Cassidy fighting dementia

Former Partridge Family star's latest setback

Shining light on violent history

Sean Coyle is putting the dark history of homophobic violence on show in his Pride Festival exhibition.

The Project NZ: TV bizarro world

They've swallowed our TV format... Such a subtle move, Australia. Next, we invade.

A unique and in tents experience

One-of-a-kind show defies analysis and description in this spoiler-free review.

Trash television at its worst

REVIEW: Why TV's The Lie Detective is lazy, tired and cynical stuff.

Jagger's memoir too tame?

Somehow, the Holy Grail of debaucherous rock 'n' roll history has been hidden away in some dusty publisher's office for almost four decades.

Keanu Reeves' mad gun skills

A clip of the John Wick star shooting up a gun range has got fans in a froth.

Piers Morgan drops out

The journalist was asked to present an award for gold standard TV. But viewers didn't think he was up to it.

Jackman gets teary shooting Wolverine finale

SPOILER ALERT: Why Logan sees Wolverine becoming a political animal.

See Kim K's Paris nightmare

Scenes from inside the hotel room have emerged, including a chilling image of the tape used to tie the reality star up.

The Lads find their niche

A Kiwi duo making Christian music for kids have struck it big overseas.

Emma Thompson: Actress, activist, headmistress

Why Emma Thompson has climate-change deniers in her sights.

Marries at First Sight: Who's out?

This episode marks the end for two couples but who will it be?

Matt LeBlanc eats 'part of horse'

Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc swallows his... pride in new Top Gear season.

Three's Project still needs work

REVIEW: It was Kanoa Lloyd's show on the night, but it needed Rove's training wheels.