Lorde shares some secrets

Lorde used to break into boats and one time a rotten pear hit her so hard it exploded, she reveals in the cover story of Billboard magazine

Millie will swing for Caesar

It’s faces like 14-year-old Caesar Nepia’s that Millie Elder-Holmes will picture when she steps into the boxing ring for Fight For Life.

Why Emily left Warnie

Shane Warne is done with having kids, and that's exactly why he and girlfriend Emily Scott broke up after only three months together.

Stuff's pick for man flesh show

While the identity of the first The Bachelor NZ is still a mystery, here's our shortlist of contenders.

GoT cast's three tiers pay rise

Actors playing Tyrion, Cersei, Daenerys and Jon Snow are all in the 'A tier' of pay - but who falls into the 'B' tier?

'Day of Swedishness'

Eurovision song contest winner Asa Jinder is in Wellington for the first time.

Beautiful photos shine light on NZ

Photos of whitebaiters, the Tuhoe iwi and NZ's nightlife win Peter Quinn NZ Geographic award.

TayTay upsets New York

Swift's new gig as NYC's tourism ambassador is getting poo-pooed by the locals.

Yumi Zouma's overnight success

Who Are Yumi Zouma, the Christchurch synth-pop group, picked to open for Lorde's New Zealand tour.

Working with Elvis a 'real treat'

Presley's favourite guitarist, James Burton, talks hamburgers, Hawaii and The King ahead of his NZ tour.

Rapping about Ebola

Over the past 30 days, Rap Genius, a crowd-sourced database of song lyrics, has seen the addition of 23 songs "that shout out Ebola."

It's time to finally get in The Zone


I have resisted writing about today’s topic for a while now - not because I'm not excited about the prospect...

Re-reading your favourite kids books


Are most people disappointed when they re-read old childhood favourites?

Erin Simpson, the artist

You will have seen her on your television screens in some capacity over the past decade, and now her work will be gracing a gallery near you some time in the near future too.

Remaining X-Factor judges named

The X Factor New Zealand is going to be a family affair, with Kiwi-born Willy Moon and his wife Natalia Kills completing this year’s judging panel.

Musical trick or treat

simon sweetman


Let's play some musical trick or treat. What album would you give to a stranger knocking at your door.

Stuff's weekend movie guide

New at the cinemas: Bill Murray is at his acerbic best, Simon Pegg trots the globe and Toa Fraser offers up our own indigenous action film.

She could be royal

Lorde's last Wellington performance had an audience of 140 people. Tonight she plays to 4000.

Happiness fails to deliver

Hector and The Search For Happiness is possibly the least entertaining, most condescending, misguided, cynical and artistically flatulent film I’ve seen this century.

Blue Bayou

What starts out as a cinematic evocation of Taylor Swift’s Love Story quickly turns into James Cameron’s Titanic

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