Lorde's Muppet goes for a song

Muppet Lorde

It can't sing, but for a cool $3000 your could make Lorde's Muppet look-a-like pretty much do what you want.

Women on the beat

On the beat

Even when she was knee high to a grasshopper, Sergeant Caroline Martin wanted to be a policewoman.

Southern discomfort

Reginald D Hunter

Reginald D Hunter says as long as NZ isn't full of sensitive white people, his show will go down a treat.

Invisible Woman a must-see

The Invisible Woman

REVIEW: The Invisible Woman should not be allowed to slip away unseen.

Shame about the script

leslie mann The Other Woman

REVIEW: The Other Woman is a female-strong, but not quite feminist, take on infidelity.

Cruel punishment

Field Punishment

Archibald Baxter and 13 others were persecuted by their own army after refusing to take up arms in World War 1.

Fast and furious

tim wilson

Witty, ebullient and razor-sharp, Tim Wilson's satire News Pigs is on target.

Kiwi short film heads to Cannes

Amie Bentall

A 15-minute movie made by an NZ pair will screen at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival.

A record celebration

Roger Liddle

International Record Store Day is a chance to visit independent record stores and celebrate vinyl.

Easter funeral for Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof will be laid to rest on Easter Sunday, according to reports.

Please put your clothes on

Lena Dunham

“She would show her bum to a dead bird.” This is my dad's description of any hot chick willing to disrobe on camera.

The Chuck D of Palestinian rap


Tamer Nafar has given voice to a generation of young, disaffected Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line.

Do you know Kiwi kids books?

Lynley Dodd

Show us that you know your Kiwi kids books and be in to win a fantastic prize.

X-Men director accused

bryan singer

A former child model is accusing X-Men franchise director Bryan Singer of sexually abusing him.

Council funds punk art

Punk art

Wellington City Council has paid for a Wellington artist to produce punk art in Beijing.

Lorde meets Royals muse

lorde strap

Lorde finally crosses paths with the inspiration for her monster hit Royals.

Lorde's 'no diva'


Lorde's spokesperson has dismissed claims about her "bizarre requests" at a Las Vegas gig.

What our kids are reading

Peggy and Archie Reed

A survey of Kiwi children's reading habits has uncovered some intriguing results.

Blu-ray review: Elysium

Blu-ray review: Elysium

REVIEW: They say there's no heaven and hell in this post-modern age, but South African director Neil Blomkamp's Elysium begs to differ.

'If they want to jail us, they will'

pussy riot strap

They've been whipped by Cossacks and imprisoned for two years - but Pussy Riot won't stop their activism.

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