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J Law sorry for Hawaiian rock story

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The Amazing Ride

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John's gone so the fun has to stop

OPINION: Why Key's legacy is that he wasn't as insane as some previous National leaders.

At home with Renee Wright

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Barker back as an Aristocrat

Why Shortland Street's serial killer is now exploring a parallel career

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War rages in Planet of the Apes

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Woman of the year: Madonna

The Material Girl got emotional when accepting her Billboard Women in Music Award.

Broods back on home ground

Nelson brother and sister duo Broods are looking forward to playing in front of a home crowd.

Whoa - studio's open

Multi-million dollar live puppet experience, urban playground and family eatery opens in Henderson.

Millions on paying out staff

A steady stream of presenters have left TVNZ in the past two years.

Making a monster

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Kanye resurfaces with blond hair

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TSwift and Zayn's steamy duet

Pop stars team up to sing on the sensual soundtrack of upcoming film Fifty Shades Darker.

1D star's mum dies of cancer

Singer Louis Tomlinson's mother has died from an aggressive form of leukaemia at age 43.