Jay-Jay Harvey 'shuts down'

Radio host has cancelled her book tour after walking out on her show live on air.

'Don't mess it up' Glover

The pressure is on for Donald Glover in his role as Lando Calrissian in the new Star Wars movie.

Five times TV reporters got weird...

A Story reporter went on a pie-only diet for a report: but he's not the only Kiwi TV reporter to go slightly mad in pursuit of a yarn

Chasing Great beats box office record

Even after retiring from rugby, Richie's still smashing records - this time at the box office.

Paul Henry's mum unwell

Paul Henry spent the night with his mum Olive, who is in hospital, as Alison Mau fills in on the show.

Adele NZ tour in the works?

If speculation proves correct, pop sensation Adele might be rolling in the deep (south) early next year.

Max gets telling off from PM

Prime Minister John Key has ticked off his son Max over a bad taste joke that he posted on Snapchat.

The Empire strikes back

Gareth Edwards blends the fresh and the familiar in Rogue One, which focuses on the construction of the weaponised battle station, the Death Star.

Watch: Koi Boys talk music

Find out what happened when we chatted live with the stars of The Voice Australia, our very own Koi Boys.

The Talk: about the birds and bees

How did your parents explain the facts of life? For Australian Mish Grigor it was awkward and she wants to share that feeling.

Huge Game of Thrones spoiler leaks

Spoiler: Thanks to a Spanish news site, we now know what could be in store for Jon Snow and the gang in Season seven.

From Outrageous Fortune to meaningful roles

Outrageous star enjoying living and breathing her latest stage role

Taika farewells Thor, Loki

The director gives his stars a classic Kiwi send off. He's gonna miss that "pair of idiots".

Mirren to US: No regrets

Dame Helen Mirren urges the US not to make the same mistake Britain did, and to get out and vote.

Kendrick plays 'I've never' on Ellen show

Ever wondered if Martha Stewart has ever sexted? Or if Anna Kendrick has been in handcuffs? You're about to find out.

Pokarekare Ana on the Great Wall

For more than 40 years John McGough has been serenading both concert-goers and his west Auckland neighbours.

Kevin counts the cost

Use him for his name and then drop him? You don't do that to Kevin Costner.

Don't watch Black Mirror alone

While filming in NZ, Bryce Dallas Howard suffered a "meltdown", while viewing the show, which she recorded and shared with her husband.

Mariah and James call it quits

They were always a couple Against All Odds. Now, Carey is saying Bye Bye to her Dream Lover. But will she keep that huge rock?

Justin Timberlake off the hook

Looks like the SexyBack singer won't be the first person to be prosecuted for taking a selfie at a Tennessee polling booth.