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16:00, Oct 27 2012
Shore Rd Cafe
GOOD EATING: Shore Rd Cafe boasts a great selection of food and friendly and professional staff.

It's midday Saturday and we're hungry. Mum has it on good authority that Shore Road Cafe warrants a visit but lunch here looks unlikely as all the seats are taken by people happily munching away.

We ask a waitress what our chances are of nabbing a table for two. She checks with the manager who informs us there's a couple finishing off their milkshakes if we want to wait for their table.

We wait. There's a big blackboard hanging nearby so we start deciding on our mains.

The cafe is spread out over different levels. It's a few steps down to a handful of small tables and a big shared one. Then on the upper level there are a few more tables plus a big cabinet filled with mouth-watering food, and there's seating outside.

The menu contains plenty of standard brunch options - egg dishes, sandwiches and salads - and a few more innovative numbers like lemon peppered tofu and haloumi sandwich, and the Reuben sandwich with corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, Russian dressing and gherkin.

Mum, always the eggs bene orderer, broadens her horizons with the French toast. I go for the green fritters.


Despite the busyness, the staff continue to be swift and friendly. Our coffees arrive quickly and are well-brewed.

People continue to pile in the doors and now, with more mouths to feed, we anticipate a long wait in the kitchen.

However, this is not so and we receive our mains in a reasonable time from a waitress that, it seems, can't be frazzled.

My green fritters are really tasty. Made with spinach, they sit stacked tall on the plate with bacon, a poached egg and hollandaise. The flavours combine nicely and there's a slight zing to keep the palate interested.

Mum's French toast is whopping and really needs to be on a bigger plate as she finds it a bit tricky maneuvering around it. It's certainly the biggest French toast dish I've come across. It's comprised of thick slices of bread, banana and juicy bacon strips with a pottle of maple syrup on the side.

Not only does the food impress but the staff we encounter are fast, friendly and professional. We both leave fully satisfied, promising to come back at an off-peak time when we can loiter.


WHERE: 13 Shore Rd, Remuera, ph 09 522 2783.

WHEN: Monday to Friday, 7am-4pm; weekends, 8am-4pm. Kitchen closes at 2.30pm daily.

WHAT'S TO EAT: Breakfast and brunch staples with the odd surprise and a cabinet well-stocked with goodies.

HOW MUCH: $45.50 for brunch and coffees for two.

WHAT DO WE THINK: Good food and accommodating, friendly staff.


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