Shop around for new law

easter bun

OPINION: NZ's shop trading laws are one of the last bastions of religious tradition, union strong-arming and pork-barrel politics.

Furry Friday: The cuteness meter



Cuteness can be dangerous. A little of it will flick the needle of your inner cuteness meter and give you a moment of generalised wellbeing. But too much of it can put you at risk in numerous ways, from decreased workplace productivity through to catastrophic loss of worry and an inability to operate complex machinery without weeping from joy.

SPOILERS - It's time to change TV

game of thrones season 4

This new world that we inhabit is amazing - so why do so many people try to spoil it for us?

Book infatuations

Karen Tay

Just a few short weeks ago, a new book infatuation came into my life. I didn't seek it, nor was I waiting for it.

Guest Blog: Dire Straits - Brothers Arms

Dire Straits


You'll remember that I asked you all to Gush Over Just One Album - we kick off the guest-post series today with duckduck girl.

The Best Album of 2014

simon sweetman


I'm calling the best album of 2014.

RnR Hall of Fame: Nearvana

Lorde Nirvana


Did you see any of the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame this year?

Time to think outside box

Stephen Colbert

White, middle-aged man Stephen Colbert has overcome all of society's hurdles to be named David Letterman's replacement.

Friday Flashback: My first gig...

simon sweetman

SIMON SWEETMAN - © Fairfax NZ News

I go to more gigs than you do - most likely.

Finding a new favourite Prince album

SIMON SWEETMAN - © Fairfax NZ News

Reading the weighty Prince tome by Matt Thorne had me finding b-sides, going back to records and boots I hadn't heard in years,

We're not haters - it's not funny

Rhys Darby

I watched Rhys Darby's Short Poppies to try and prove my critics wrong. I failed. As did the show.

The wonderful and beautiful B.B. King



Yesterday the story was posted around the place that an "erratic" B.B. King was "painful to watch".

A few starters for Monday...

simon sweetman


Okay, here's a few things for you to kick off your Monday; to kick off your week...

Updating The Worst

simon sweetman


Carlos Santana has had the biggest fall from grace. I realised this when had to listen to his embarrassing idea of "Guitar Classics".

Reminded of Grant Lee Buffalo

simon sweetman

SIMON SWEETMAN - © Fairfax NZ News

Every few years I can dig out a Grant Lee Buffalo album and play it right through, having both the best kind of nostalgia.

Record Store Day 2014

simon sweetman


Record Store Day is an annual event - a day to celebrate music and the independent music retailers that take the time to get to know us, to special-order, to make recommendations, to create an atmosphere.

No Fooling

simon sweetman


It's April 1 - or April Fools' Day - but I won't be pulling out any fake news story or phoney album review here.

Less, not more Rhys Darby, please

Rhys Darby

You'll be able to watch Rhys Darby's new show on the internet tonight. But why would you want to?

At Peace

simon sweetman


The new album by @Peace is extraordinary.

Let books be books

gender books

Because of the huge response to last week's blog post, I've decided to write a clarification.

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