Your say: Borat banned from Wellington sevens

Last updated 09:42 29/01/2008
BANNED: Borat is banned from this year's Wellington sevens rugby tournament. Police have declared they will not allow fans to wear the skimpy swimsuits, as Mark Hansen did in 2007.

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Stuff readers have their say on the decison by organisers of this year's rugby sevens to impose a dress code on fans, meaning Borat's lime green 'mankini' will be banned.

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Wow, there is a lot of over-reaction in the comments here. They aren't banning dressing up, they are just banning a particularly vulgar costume. The Sevens can't be compared to "Boobs on Bikes" or "Gay Pride" parades, as this is a two day event, people have to look at that guy for hours and hours and hours and hours as he gets drunker and drunker. And it isn't a case of being offended by it, it is about being grossed out by it. Dress-up by all means, but there have to be some limits set, or the costumes will get worse. However, it is a sad double standard that they used him in their marketing and now change their tune.
Jordan S

If they had stopped Borat at the sevens last year we all would have missed out on seeing what I think was the best news photo of the year. It's good to see happy people making the news from time to time.

The Sevens is not a family event. They don't sell child passes, so if you want to take your child you have to pay the full adult price. How come you can wear your "man skins" on the beach (which is a family place) but not a borat mankini to the sevens which is one big party? It's rediculous. So long as your actual bits are covered, there shouldn't be an issue at all! If you dont like it, then dont go. Everyone else - enjoy the fun that is Wellington Sevens!
Jes D

Yes, I agree with most points that there are some things that should be kept well under wraps, as after all this event is going to be broadcast around the world. But in saying that this is the one sporting event of the year where anything can go. Dressing up in costume is all part of the culture that is the 7s. If you were to take away something that makes this event what it is I don't think you would have as much interest, build up, and hype (which results in all tickets being sold out in recored time every year). The buzz around Wellington right now makes it feel like Christmas again. I am looking forward to wearing my tasteful costume, having a few drinks in the sun, and enjoying NZ take out the Wellington 7s Cup!!! BTW Borat was so last year, there are only so many hairy guys in green mankinis that I can handle before I go blind.
Nicola Cole

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I agree with the police. It needs to be a family friendly event rather than an anything goes extravaganza. Just because Auckland has its boobs on bikes doesn’t mean Wellington has to be sleazy as well.
Scott L

I find it hard to understand how up until a few months ago, the guy in the borat costume featured on the NZI International Sevens website promoting the tournament and now they’re banning his outfit! Go figure…

Not sure whether the police should be commenting on this… given they stand by while bare-breasted women ride on the back of a Harley through Auckland each year and the cops don’t do anything about it. Having said that – the Fashion Police should definitely speak up. Some guys haven’t heard of double sided tape and end up with their fellas hanging out either side of the suit….. not a pretty look guys.
T Horton

I dont understand the drama. I can legally walk down the street wearing the mankini and I can go to the beach wearing my mankini but I cant go to the sevens wearing my mankini yet these places are family orientated public places. Get the prude out of the sevens executive.
Greg Nelson

I think that the crack down on skimpy costumes is an insult to everyone that goes to the Sevens. This is what the Sevens are all about, Rugby and having a good time As long as the important bits are covered what's the problem. It's nothing that you don't see when you read a new Farmers catalogue is it? And it's kept in the party zone. This is what being a KIWI is all about....not being scared to show the world who we are. Fun loving party people!!!!
A Maloney

The "fun police" are accused of spoling the sevens tournament. Tough! Why is it that an element of society must bring self-serving exhibitionism to an event to make it enjoyable? There was a time when people went to a sporting event or other gathering to enjoy the game or other activity.Now, it appears that there those among us who prefer to be the focus of like-mindless conduct; and who cares about the "event". The same is seen at race meetings where greater media attention is given to who is present and what they are wearing - than the running of the races. Have we lost the plot somewhere?
Don Allan

Thank goodness for someone to stand up and ban bad behavior and BAD attire at a sporting event. Someone needs to do what is right. I don't want to go to any event with my family (unless it is billed as being adults only) to see some persons butt, chest, frontal bits. That is not necessary during a sporting / family event. Thanks for making people responsible for their choices and surroundings.
Holly Puddle


It is a sad day when at one of the World's biggest Fancy Dress party you are told what you can and cant wear! The NZI Sevens isn't just about the Rugby.. never has been, its a two day event where people all over New Zealand can come along and dress as whatever they want and party. Its a fancy dress where groups of people try to out dress the others. Now.. there is a list of things you can and cant do and can and cant wear... what a really sad day.. to me this sounds more like a country of dictatorship that Iraq ever was!
Kieth Block

I dont know who said that the 7's was a "Family Event". As it has never been. This is an oppertunity for the otherwise pent up frustrated civil serents, workers and Goverment officials to let loose once a year. How is it Auckland has its Boobs on Bikes, Gay Parades and the like? When all of a sudden we are coy about what costumes are appropiate and others are not. Leave the Fashion Police at home for one wknd and allow freedom of dress. So long all the private parts arnt hanging out.....I dont care what they ware!...It makes Wgtn for one wknd look a vibrant and fun place to live!
Paul Robinson

Yes the Borat costume should be banned. The human body is a horrible thing and should be completely covered at all times. I think the Sevens tournament should be moved to a fundamentalist Islamic country where this wouldn't be an issue. In fact I'm looking into ways babies can be clothed in the womb. It's utterly disgusting that the majority of babies are born completely naked (pause for shock) yes this too must be stopped.
Dave G

Once again the PC anti fun Taliban are at it again - why is the Sevens so successful here? Because of the party atmosphere and the costumes - cut the political correctness - if you are liable to be offended - DON'T GO.

NZ police are only targeting one outfit - most people do not take offence to this - after all what do most of the kids watch on TV anyway? Totally unjustified.
Glenniss Taramoeroa


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