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Does Expedia rejects domination tag

Georg Ruebensal reckons companies get great value from listing on Expedia, which markets them to the world.

The multinational's local boss addresses competition fears, and why it pays almost no tax here.

AFT eyes growth ahead of IPO

AFT Pharmaceuticals is about to launch its initial public offering in a bid to raise more than $30 million to advance its drug development.

Gigabit wi-fi for Porirua

Mahana winery owner faces court battle


DIY tax refunds

Shaquila Barrett was upset to find her tax refund swallowed by fees.

Why pay fees for a tax refund when you can do it for nothing, yourself?

Do good with your money

OPINION: Well-being not just about personal wealth but about the health of communities.

Latitude Financial Services will have 2.5 million customers across NZ and Australia.

GE becomes Latitude

Takeover means new name for well-known consumer finance company.

small business

Getting a small business started

Chris Morrison is the owner of start-up Four Leaf Furniture.

We get some tips from the owner of a one-year-old business on what you need to know.

Who to turn to for export help

OPINION: The road to exporting can be hard but luckily, there are organisations out there that businesses can turn to for support.

A collaboration between Wellington retailers is expected to reduce shoplifting in the lead up to Christmas.

The fight against Xmas thieves

Wellington retailers are being warned to be extra vigilant for shoplifting during the coming weeks.


Nutella rejects personalised jar for girl named Isis

Ferrero Australia confirmed the label in question was not approved for printing due to its sensitive nature.

All Isis' Aunty wanted to do was get her niece's name on a jar of Nutella as a gift.

Thanksgiving ads make turkeys video

Big brands can hit the wrong note on Thanksgiving - a subtler holiday in the US than Christmas.

A court ruled it was deemed misleading in implying that you could potentially use the condom more than once.

Seven condoms, 21 orgasms?

That's 3 orgasms per condom - a German court thought this product information might be misleading.

better business

Underage and short-changed

A Manukau liquor store has had its licence suspended after being caught again selling alcohol to a 17-year-old.

Liquor store managed not only served underage teenager, but ripped him off.

NZ pharma firm to list

AFT Pharmaceuticals, which started in an Auckland garage in 1997, will raise over $33m from new investors.

Straight 8 Estate owners James Shand and Mary Jamieson are having issues with special liquor licensing with the Timaru and Selwyn district councils.

Wine-makers sour over licence denial

A vineyard owner has accused Timaru's district licensing committee of "nasty" behaviour for declining an application which missed its deadline.

opinion & analysis

iPredict no place to launder money

Prediction website iPredict, declared by Associate Justice Minister Simon Bridges as a money laundering risk, allows traders to bet on political and economic events.

If you wanted to launder money, iPredict would hardly be your best choice, economist claims

Brokers view: Outlook lifts for Kathmandu

OPINION Kathmandu's chief executive will have to rebuild excitement in the company's sales.

Amazon's fulfillment centre prepares for Black Friday in England. Black Friday has overtaken Cyber Monday as's busiest day with 5.5 million items sold on the day last year.

What happens when every day is Christmas?

OPINION: Has Cyber Monday had its day as big retailers increasingly offer deep discounts year round.


$300 million for council's farms

The 25 farms of Van Diemen's Land Company in Tasmania were put on the market in early October.

New Plymouth ratepayers' cash cow has been sold for more than $300 million.

Wetlands are winners

Wetlands are making a comeback in the Wairarapa

All cattle, deer and pigs should be kept out of rivers, lakes and wetlands, says the Land and Water Forum in its latest report.

No animals in rivers: report

Land and Water Forum presses to exclude livestock on plains and lowland hills from waterways.

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