Methven's global shower potential

Methven's Aurajet and Satinjet shower spray technologies are to just five globally significant spray technologies in the market.

2:49 PM  Aurajet and Satinjet shower spray technologies have global potential.

'Chequebook justice'

Former Chief Executive of Pike River Coal Ltd, Peter Whittall, appearing in Greymouth District Court facing 12 charges.

Criticism of former Pike River boss's $3.4 million payment to relatives of men killed in the mine.

TV's back to the future

Sky TV will let viewers 'turn back time' through their remotes.

A new feature will soon let TV viewers scroll back to programmes they have missed.

Getting employers 'youth ready'

Tyler Bonnar (left) has been employed as an apprentice by NZ Electrical & Pumps owner Chris Savage (right).

1:26 PM  Businesses who put themselves in the shoes of young workers will have more success with them.

SCF investors raise cash

South Canterbury Finance investors have increased the target for a potential class action litigation fund to $150,000.

1:44 PM  Investors who lost millions stump up more cash to pursue the possibility of a class action.

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Watchdog fears Spark spam

Friction is growing between the regulator and Spark over Chorus' charges.

12 min ago  Spark says 'vast majority' of protest emails to the Commerce Commission are legit.

Methven's global shower potential

2:49 PM  Aurajet and Satinjet shower spray technologies have global potential.

SCF investors raise cash

Getting employers 'youth ready'


Three stages of retirement

Retirement can last 30 years or more, and lots can change during that time.

OPINION: Do you know that there is really no one such thing as “retirement”?

Debunking child poverty myths

Experts believe poor families need their benefit quadrupled.

Robyn Forryan from Auckland's North Shore has a business teaching auction skills to house hunters.

Bid for homeowning victory

Milford real estate expert Robyn Forryan teaches first time home buyers how to bid at auctions.

small business

Wellington soda business bubbling

Owners of Six Barrel Soda Co, Joseph Slater and Mike Stewart are growing their business and concentrating on the wholesale side of trade.

It's only been three years but Wellington business Six Barrel Soda is thriving and predicting more growth.

Last orders at Quenched site

New alcohol delivery service shuts down its site - at least for now.

Xero managing director Victoria Crone says overall it's a reasonable budget, one that provides stability for businesses to have confidence to invest.

Small biz Budget benefits

OPINION: As expected, the Government's support for small business continues.


Tobacco giants sue Britain

Britain would be the first of the European Union's 28 countries to impose the regulation.

2:09 PM  Big Tobacco is pushing back against Europe's effort to remove the marketing allure from smoking.

'Ronald's here to stay'

Ronald McDonald won't be sent into retirement, CEO says during a grilling from shareholders.

Used oil barrels are stacked at a storage facility in Seattle, Washington February 12, 2015. Saudi Arabia's oil exports have risen in February in response to stronger demand from customers. As OPEC's top producer battles for market share Reuters photographers around the globe have been photographing oil barrels to document how they are utilised once the fuel has been used.  REUTERS/Jason Redmond  (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS SOCIETY ENERGY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)



Oil at US$60 a barrel

2:00 PM  Oil held near US$60 a barrel as US drillers increased activity for the first time in six months.

better business

'Ronald's here to stay'

Job security: The ever-smiling burger clown won't go anywhere soon.

Ronald McDonald won't be sent into retirement, CEO says during a grilling from shareholders.

Businesses warned: adapt or lose

"If you don't cannibalise your own business, someone else will do it for you," business owners told.

"I don't have shares in Warner Construction but I would like to ask a question on their behalf," Grant Coward said.

Tender questions for council

District councillors were outraged a local business was snubbed in favour of costlier Fulton Hogan.

opinion & analysis

Drug testing for meetings?

Mary-Jane Thomas.

OPINION: Why would someone who is going to a meeting, need to agree to be drug tested?

Small business budget benefits

OPINION: As expected in Thursday's Budget, the Government's support for small business continues through the Business Growth Agenda initiatives.

A near crash in last week's Targa Rally served as a wakeup call for Mike O'Donnell to moderate his behaviour. The money online giants make from the sale of personal data should serve as a similar warning to consumers.

Online data wake-up call

OPINION: Each time you use "free" online platforms like Gmail somebody's laughing all the way to the bank through the sale of your data.


Wallaby problem spreading

A South Canterbury wallaby.

South Canterbury's wallaby population has reached alarming proportions.

Environmental thoughts urged

Sheep and beef farmers need to start thinking about environmental issues, Federated Farmers says.

A Fonterra milk tanker arrives at Fonterra's Te Rapa plant near Hamilton in this August 6, 2013 file photo. Fonterra, New Zealand's huge dairy cooperative, has begun buying milk from non-members for the first time in its history, a major strategic shift as it battles foreign-backed processors that have sprung up in the world's No.1 dairy exporting nation. REUTERS/Nigel Marple/Files (NEW ZEALAND - Tags: BUSINESS FOOD HEALTH)

More price transparency call

Fonterra told to sharpen its communication act and publicly report milk price guidance monthly.

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