We're mostly bad savers in NZ video

Hannah McQueen says Kiwis tend to be underachievers in the savings department.

'Money, like food, is emotional - just because you know what you should be doing, doesn't mean you'll actually do it.'

The Kiwi brand that's Aussie video

Kiwi by name, Aussie by nature

It has our national bird on the tin, but - unlike the pavlova or Russell Crowe - Kiwi shoe polish is truly Australian.

Kiwis stick with their banks

New Zealand customers are loyal to their existing banks, data shows.

New system made it easier to switch, but hardly anyone does.

Buy skincare, save the world

Cassandra Treadwell of Essence of Humanity which offers buyers the chance to help others.

New skincare line promises to give profits to help world's poorest kids.

Fresh way to grow a company

'The Caker', Jordan Rondel, believes the freeze dried berries are integral to her cakes.

High-end freeze-driers' growth comes despite not have a single salesman on its books.

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Schooling yourself to investment confidence

Murray Salt, former headmaster turned businessman, and self-schooled investor.

Self-directed investor Murray Salt laughed when he heard the Financial Markets Authority's annual survey showed investor confidence was up.

Tech Startup mania

The Startup Weekend participants at the end of their 54-hour coffee-fueled event.

About 120 enthusiasts gathered last weekend at the Epic innovation centre in central Christchurch to conceptualise, test, and build foundations for new businesses in just 54 hours. 

The Chinese market continues to serve up uncertainties

Siah Hwee Ang.

Adapting business models has never been more important.

Are funerals a rip-off?

Funeral directors said having a plan made the experience less stressful for families.

Package deals may be increasing cost of giving a loved one a final farewell.

Preventing student loan trouble

Failing to make your student loan repayments while overseas can prove costly in the long run.

Student loans are interest-free if you live in NZ but that changes when you head overseas for more than six months.

'Single Child Tax' penalises families

Labour leader Andrew Little says the Government has overlooked a key group of New Zealanders in its budget package, and ...

Nasty fish-hook in Government package may leave 20,000 families with one child worse off.

Quake stretched capital steel

36 Customhouse Quay had steel stretch during the Kaikoura quake.

Some tenants of a central Wellington building will not return to offices on Monday pending a closer look at an engineer's report.

Boardwalk to the bay?

An artist's impression of the proposed Shelly Bay development, depicting a cantilevered boardwalk.

A cantilevered walkway could be used to reach Wellington's Shelly Bay development but ratepayers look set to foot some of the bill.

Banks Group in receivership

Banks Group receivers may close stores and lay off staff.

It'll be a nervous wait for 170 staff at 14 footwear stores across New Zealand.

Start spreading the news video

Jodie and Jonny Keen are the owners of Marlborough's newest food truck, JJ's.

Blenheim beats little town blues by taking bite out of Big Apple's cafe culture, with more food outlets per capita.


Reverse mortgages are costly blessing

Not going anywhere! The bank can have the house when I'm carried out.

Rosie and Jim were left with no choice but to take a reverse mortgage if they wanted to stay in the Christchurch home they loved.

No regret over elder debt

Rosie and John were left with no choice but to take a reverse mortgage if they wanted to stay in the Christchurch home they loved.

Tipping is not evil

What happens if you wait

small business

Chef detained at night market

Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen owner Daeng Neuang-Keo.

Immigration staff nab Thai chef, as food truck owner blames a misunderstanding.

Clean hair, clean planet

Not a bottle in sight: Ethique produces solid shampoos, conditioners, body washes, makeup removers and shaving soap.

Brianne West is reimagining how we wash our hair and pamper our bodies with ethical, environmentally friendly products.

Eco projects on the rise

Cultivate is a scheme to grow vegetables in central Christchurch while mentoring young people.

Eco projects are popping up all over new Christchurch as people strive for clean and green.

Middle East eyes luxury Kiwi goods

Maven has opened an office in Dubai.

One Wellington company is tapping into the Middle Eastern market to promote luxury New Zealand products and offer premium Kiwi services.

better business

Bomb threats, sailing and aging gracefully

Glen Sowry, sailor, author and chief executive.

A definite downside of Glen Sowry's old job were the threats he received in the mail.

Horse breeders get export nod

Lang Lin founded the firm and says he has a passion for racing.

Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry has sent thousands of horses to China.

Tech-savvy firms recognised

Finalists Ross Mitchell (NIWA), left, Claire Robinson (Massey University), Grant Muir (WaiNZ), and Rebecca Rofe (McKee ...

Finalists of the 19th annual Wellington Gold Awards have been named.

Bullying at work: 'I blamed myself'

A third of workplaces said bullying was an important issue.

How one victim was demeaned, insulted and undermined: "It was like being in an abusive marriage."


Boardwalk to the bay?

An artist's impression of the proposed Shelly Bay development, depicting a cantilevered boardwalk.

A cantilevered walkway could be used to reach Wellington's Shelly Bay development but ratepayers look set to foot some of the bill.

'Being made the scape goats'

Workers Accommodation Marlborough owner Mandy Matthews in one of the residential properties she manages in Blenheim.

Property manager says RSE workers live in four or five-bedroom houses, while MSD is looking for one-bedroom houses.

Is gas cheaper? It's complicated

Is your gas used for both water and heating? If it is, that lowers the cost, because the fixed charge is spread over ...

Switching to gas could save you money, but it depends a lot on where you live.

Fed up with Foxton flooding

Wednesday morning's floods at the Blue Bell motel on SH1 in Foxton.

Frustrated residents say Foxton's stormwater system can't cope, after repeated floods.

opinion & analysis

Joyce slams cash-laden case on table video

Prime Minister Bill English and Finance Minister Steven Joyce. So pleased with themselves.

OPINION: Finance Minister Steven Joyce's Budget ticked all the boxes he wanted, and perhaps a few extra.

Split up? What happens to property?

Divorce and relationship splits can cause financial headaches and disputes as property and assets are divided

The law requires relationship property to be be divided equally between each party. But there are exceptions.

The decline of The Truth

Newspapers offer something that the digital world can't capture.

OPINION: From the articles to the ads, there's something about an old newspaper that a digital advice can't capture.

Don't skimp on due diligence

Kevin Lampen-Smith says a  building report provided by a vendor should be seen as a starting point.

OPINION: Do some careful research before buying to avoid headaches down the track.


When the fert hits the fan

The large fertiliser co-ops maintain they act in the interests of farmers and the industry.

A new fertiliser seller is disrupting the industry and offering a different model.

Paralysed after work accident

Kiranjit Singh and wife Beant. Kiranjit was left tetraplegic in a workplace accident after he was struck in the back of ...

Kiranjit Singh was always "hard-working and sporty". Now he's paralysed from the neck down. 

Council's 'Gypsy Day' u-turn

Cows are moved, near Rakaia.

It's deemed too offensive so a new name for Otago sharemilkers moving cows to farms is needed.

Agri-business startups not easy

Dave Craig from Building Clever Companies (BCC) said New Zealand Inc. will benefit from agritech startups.

It is tough to start an agritech company and take it to a commercial entity.


Wait! There's a man on the nose

The incident involving a Jetstar A320 and a ground worker attached to the plane's nose occurred at Australia's Newcastle ...

An Australian Jetstar plane started taxiing to runway with a ground worker attached to the nose.

Pay up $651m compensation

Michael King, former CEO of MFS Ltd, has been banned from running companies for 20 years and will have to pay hefty fines.

It is believed to be one of the biggest compensation orders relating to a company collapse in Australian history.

What Mark Zuckerberg told Harvard

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges a cheer from the crowd before receiving an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

Facebook founder tells millennials: "It's time for our generation-defining public works. Let's do big things."

Man sues Hershey for US$5m

Hershey disputes the allegation that its packaging is deceptive.

A US customer wants the chocolate maker to pay for selling people fresh air.

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