How vulnerable is NZ's grid?

A storm in South Australia caused a state-wide blackout and New South Wales could be next in line.

The whole of South Australia was without power on Wednesday. What are the odds of a similar outage in NZ?

H&M ready to open video

H&M country sales manager Daniel Lattemann believes this $129 autumn winter 2016 studio collection "sheer dress" will be ...

H&M fans are expected to flock to the fashion chain's opening on Saturday.

'Hey, how's it going?' video

Liquorland Fitzroy franchise owner Amie Murphy takes pride in her shop.

Amie Murphy owns the best liquor store in the country - she also met her fiance the day after opening.

Met Shop moves online

The Met Shop co-owner Terry McDavitt with Moana the Moa. The Wellington store is closing early next week but an online ...

After 26 year around Cuba St, weather and science instrument retailer shutting its doors.

Falling into Struggle Street

Mele Peaua, a cleaner from Pomare in Hutt City, says rents and food prices have gone up faster than wages.

Cleaner Mele Peaua's community has been forgotten, and it's a social timebomb ticking.

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Tax returns: What's he hiding?

There's nothing in the US law that actually requires a presidential candidate to disclose their taxes.

US tax experts dish insight on the controversy of Donald Trump and his taxes.

Student loan debtors bankrupt

NZ Union of Students' Associations president Linsey Higgins, left, says graduates abroad are struggling with ...

"Traitors" claim as Kiwis overseas declare themselves bankrupt due to mounting debt.

$1m for beachside bungalow

10 Beach St, Island Bay, which recently sold for $965,000 at auction - $315,000 above its Rateable Value (RV).

Modest 3-bed home in Wellington's Island Bay sparks bidding war at auction.

Low fares to stay

Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon addresses shareholders.

A flood of new airline services and carriers will keep fares at low levels over the next year.

'Million Dollar Mike' bankrupted

Mike McDonald has been associated with several mining companies on the West Coast..

Liquidator to file a claim for $1.6 million on behalf of creditors.

Cannabis crop and dog urine damage rental

Mark Taylor with carpet, from inside the house, destroyed by dog urine and scratching.

Mark Taylor's had to do a lot of cleaning after filthy tenants waged war on his rental.

Walnut Cottage to go, winery moves in

The pond and the bridge at Walnut Cottage cafe have been demolished to make way for a wine tasting area.

A heritage cafe will be turned into a "contemporary" wine restaurant near Queenstown.

Sex, texts and poetry

Beware what you text to workmates, employment experts warn.

So what has the Colin Craig defamation trial taught us about sexual harassment?

Settlement offer spurned by iwi

A one-day hearing in the Auckland High Court will be required to settle the latest claims over a soured software investment.

A High Court judge has been called on to settle the latest dispute over a troubled computer software investment.

Start access road now

Aerial view of Frankton Flats, Queenstown, with Remarkables Park in the foreground and the Frankton industrial area near ...

The stalled Eastern Access Road has added to traffic issues in Queenstown.

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Housing debt - the generation gap

Real estate loans make up 87 per cent of New Zealanders' total debts, according to Statistics NZ.

As home buyers "mortgage themselves to the hilt", older Kiwis owe more on investment properties than their own homes.

Harmoney launches automated lending

Peer-to-peer lender makes it easier for ordinary people to profit by making personal loans.

Nice surprise for KiwiSavers

House for sale: $1 reserve

Panama Papers

Govt accepts foreign trusts plan video

Tax expert John Shewan has called for a shake up of New Zealand's laws around foreign trusts.

John Key accepts foreign trust rules need a radical overhaul following warnings not enough's being done to counter money laundering.

Judgment day for trusts video

The foreign trust inquiry by John Shewan has helped the Government save face.

NZ's foreign trust regime is a good little earner for some, but time may be running out.

Mossack Fonseca staffer held

Geneva prosecutors led a police raid of Mossack Fonseca's local office in which computer equipment was seized.

Computer specialist at the Panama law firm is taken into custody over huge leak.

Pedro Almodovar's Julieta video

Director Pedro Almodovar leaves the Juliet' premier.

"If the Panama Papers were a film," the acclaimed Spanish director said, "we wouldn't even be credited as extras."

small business

Big walkers spend up

A tramper celebrates reaching the Nelson Lakes on the Te Araroa Trail which takes five months to complete on average.

The Te Araroa Trail is proving a nice little earner for businesses along its 3000km length.

Manage your business travel

With, managing business trips has never been easier.

Learn how to better manage your business travel.

For sale: Bar with yarns to tell video

Bertie Burleigh behind the mahogany bar at Peggy Gordon's that is being sold as the pub undergoes major renovations.

Tom Cruise, Billy Connolly and Penelope Cuz all drank at this Taranaki watering hole. Now it's for sale.

On the green

Golf Hub Marlborough owner Jonti Philipson at the Marlborough Golf Club course in Fairhall.

A sporting store selling golfing equipment has a prime new location at the Marlborough Golf Club course.

better business

Outlet stores desert town

It was once the place for travellers to stop and get a bargain, but shoppers and shops are now passing Otaki by.

It was once the place for travellers to stop and get a bargain, but a bypass is making Otaki nervous as shops shut.

Feeling rich? Must be the house

The fashion retail sector was “doing okay” across New Zealand but not setting records.

An increase in home values has led to spending on luxurious items.

Facebook can hurt your career

You might be driven by FOMO, but being on Facebook means you do actually miss out sometimes.

If you're toying with the idea of quitting social media, there's a simple question that can help you decide.

Snapchat a bullying headache

Snapchat has taken off but there are implications for employers.

Workplace bullies taking advantage of messaging app's self-destruct feature a concern for employers.

opinion & analysis

Beware the Bridget Jones effect

Bridget Jones already owned her flat when the first movie came out in 2001.

OPINION: Young singletons buying a house in NZ still have it easier than those in Britain.

An insurance healthcheck

Tim Fairbrother

OPINION: Keep on top of your insurance obligations if you want to ensure your claims are paid.

Rate and spend

In some places, rates are not enough to provide for infrastructure needs.

OPINION: Infrastructure is not an exciting topic, but should be talked about during local body elections.

Accepting cultural business differences

"Proponents of globalisation want to believe that it is possible to achieve more standardised regulatory systems across ...

OPINION: Business must accept cross cultural differences, and recognise how they impact on doing business overseas.


Bee in-breeding a problem

Dunedin-based AbacusBio consultancy PhD research student Gertje Petersen.

Bee in-breeding from disease has spurred research into increasing the gene pool.

Meat earnings potential missed

Will Wilson says realities have to be faced.

Red meat and fibre farmers told it's time they woke up to their potential and stopped blaming others.

Stressful bull sale ends in bliss

Shrimpton's Hill owners Liz and John McKerchar flank PGG Wrightson  livestock genetics rep Callum Dunnett.

 Nervous jitters were forgotten by the McKerchar family at the end of their bull sale.

Shearing sports season begins

A wool handler competes in a quarter final heat at the National Merino Championship in Alexandra.

The shearing sports season starts in Central Otago.


Deutsche Bank in crisis

The immediate cause of Deutsche's crisis is a fine of up to US$14 billion fine for mis-selling mortgage-backed securities.

Germany's biggest bank faces billions of dollars in fines, and there's no government plan to back it.

Amazon moving to Oz? video

Amazon boxes are seen stacked for delivery.

Online retail giant booking space across the ditch, but what exactly are its plans?

Toxic lake 'superbug hotspot'

Community activists, researchers and some drug company employees say the presence of more than 300 drug firms, combined ...

Frothy-watered lake close to 300 drug firms becomes a giant petri dish for anti-microbial resistance.

Trump's wealth shrinks by $1b

Forbes magazine probed 28 assets or asset classes owned by Trump and found 18 had declined in value, including Trump ...

He says his business sense makes him presidential material, but Trump's wealth has dropped by a fifth.

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