'Pre-nup' protection...for parents

Audrey Seaton, a director of Blenheim law firm Wain & Naysmith, says parents giving financial help to their adult children should consider a 'pre-nup' agreement.

Mums and dads who give cash to help their grown-up children should insist it's protected in case of a falling out, lawyer says.

Be rich or be a pumpkin

In the end, Cinderella gets the prince and the palace, and the other women get absolutely nothing. That's the way of tournaments.

OPINION: Remake of the Disney classic seems innocent, but a troubling economic lies within message.

Quake city recovers its mojo

BUILDING CONFIDENCE: The glass facade of Tim Glasson and Warren Bell’s ANZ Centre development.

Developers are revamping Christchurch city centre.

Avoiding Easter's bad eggs

Easter is one of the biggest trading times for chocolate.

We're spending up on chocolate but is anyone paying attention to ethical production?

Suits you, Sir

Rolex, dark blue suit, light blue shirt, fast car - The immaculately-tailored Crane Brothers’ boss Murray Crane.

Tailor Murray Crane's dedicated following of fashion has brought him business success, but he admits, some personal difficulties too.

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Henderson wins extension

Bankrupt property developer Dave Henderson.

Businessman David Henderson has won a chance to further argue his case against the Official Assignee.

KiwiRail cost-saving plan 'nuts'

Cash-strapped KiwiRail is proposing to replace electric trains with more diesel-powered engines, which could cost hundreds of jobs, union warns.

Cat food linked to slavery ring

'Work together' over port


Club up for Christmas

COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS: Only nine months to go before finances come under Yuletide pressure.

Many households are already squirreling money away each month to "pre-fund" Christmas.

Comedian cash counter

Actor and comedian Cohen Holloway says actors need to be squirrels when the money is coming in.

Will you get much change from $375 a week?

Know NZ Super's limits

The sum of $375 is one to etch in our heads, tattoo on our brains, burn into our retinas.

small business

Fans go batty for Laver video

220114 NEWS FEAT.  Photo: John Cowpland / alphapix. James Laver, cricket bat maker, Waipawa.

The crafting of traditional cricket bats is boosted by two-screen technology.

The best thing in sliced bread

For Joseph Janus, you could say that flour runs through his veins.

EGGCITED: Wellington Chocolate Factory’s Rochelle Harrison shows off their Fairtrade feast.

Chocolatiers ride craft wave

You've heard of craft beer. The new thing is craft chocolate - and the industry is on the rise.


JetBlue sued over midair meltdown

JetBlue pilot captain Clayton Osbon is removed from the plane after erratic behaviour forced the crew to land in Amarillo, Texas.

Pilot sues his airline saying it should have stopped him from having onboard breakdown.

Apple CEO to donate fortune

AppleĀ CEO joins the roster of the very rich who are giving away their wealth.

Sky's the limit: The CBA announced a first-half profit of $4.62 billion this morning.

Kiwi on A$1.9m bribery charge

Kiwi is second person to be charged with corruptly receiving payments from a supplier.

better business

Reddit CEO loses sexism trial video

CLAIMS REJECTED: Ellen Pao, right, and attorney Therese Lawless leave the courtroom after losing in Pao's high profile gender discrimination lawsuit against a venture capital firm on Friday (local time).

Jury rejects Ellen Pao's gender-bias claims in case that that riveted Silicon Valley for weeks.

Fair trading?

Bank and real estate company are being sued for more than $1m after property deal soured.

KiwiRail says it hasn't made a decision on whether it will replace its electric locomotives with diesels, but the union warns the latest cost-cutting proposals would cost hundreds of jobs.

KiwiRail cost-saving plan 'nuts'

Cash-strapped KiwiRail is proposing to replace electric trains with more diesel-powered engines, which could cost hundreds of jobs, union warns.

opinion & analysis

Trigger-happy tax critics miss bullseye

Mike O'Donnell

OPINION: Critics hitting out at small pieces of the online tax conundrum might do well to spend more time refining their aim, rather than just letting fly.

Report calls for overhaul of red meat industry

OPINION: When it comes to arguments over how to structure New Zealand agriculture, it seems there's nothing new under the sun.

Bledisloe wharf, Container Terminal, Auckland. Ports of Auckland. Containers. Container ship. cargo

Auckland port defends plan

OPINION: Ports of Auckland CEO says the port can't handle Auckland's growth without extra room.


Big dry a haphazard blight

Sheep feed on dry pasture.

The unfairness of drought has some hit home for some Canterbury farmers.

Fonterra adds more to auction

Fonterra to increase the amount of milk powder for sale on the GDT platform, which is likely to depress prices at the next auction.

Lincoln University.

Investors backing Lincoln

Major companies putting big money into Lincoln University's growing demonstration and research farms base.


Cloud in unexpected places

UNEXPECTED PLACES: It would be easy to think that the farming, fishing and forestry industries are immune to shifts in technology, but nimble business thinking and agile technologies are changing the local game.

It would be easy to think the farming, fishing and forestry industries would be immune to shifts in technology, but you'd be wrong.

Telcos under the gun

Consumer NZ says internet providers are doing a worse job and customers are more likely to be dissatisfied.

DAVID MCLEAN: Acting NZ chief executive since June last year, when he was flown in from New York.

Kiwi gets top job at Westpac NZ

David McLean was drawn home from the bright lights of New York City by the allure of his "dream job".

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