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Schoolgirl launches travel review site

Bella Tipping came up with the idea of a travel review site for kids after years of disappointing trips.

8:52 AM  Kids can now rate hotels, theme parks and attractions on a website designed just for them by this 12-year-old Australian.

Petricevic's release challenged

SST wants to stop former Bridgecorp boss Rod Petricevic's release from jail.

Anchor backs black in bottle

Media players eye global threat


Kids call for money lessons

Kids want to be good with money, but few schools are teaching them.

School children think they are pretty good at managing their money. Their teachers think they are not.

A life without credit cards

OPINION: To me, credit cards are tiny plastic reminders you've spent money you don't have.

Consumer NZ test hangs laundry balls out to dry.

Laundry ball claims 'don't wash'

Laundry balls are billed as the green way to wash clothes, but a test shows they may be a waste of money.

small business

Three months to grow

Dogmatek audio owner Tim Prebble, left, and Jack Candlish from Organic Dynamic.

Entrepreneurs behind eight startups have yet to prove they can turn prototypes into saleable products.

Erin Reilly: 365 days later

This year has been the hardest yet most rewarding year of my life.

Selina McIntyre is a dog behavioural consultant.

Meet the dog whisperer video

It started out with a notepad and an 11 year-old girl. Now Selina McIntyre calls herself the dog whisperer.


Man loses job after explicit texts

The unidentified man joins a growing number of 'sexters' who have accidentally messaged the wrong person.

A man in the US lost his job after sending two explicit photographs to a female HR manager.

How to fake a pregnancy

"Need a bun in the oven?" says the website Fake a "We can help."

TripAdvisor logo.

TripAdvisor: This is your review

Try as you might, you cannot avoid the website that changed travel forever.

better business

Why the planet needs business titans

Malcolm Rands, CEO and founder of ecostore.

OPINION: OPINION: Ecostore CEO Malcolm Rand extolls the importance of sustainability within businesses.

Bank chases ecovillage founder

Former trustee of Atamai ecovillage is holed up in Japan facing potential financial ruin over unpaid mortgages.

Reserve Bank will use Wynyard's software to make sure it stays on top of threats to the financial system.

Wynyard wins Reserve Bank contract

A crime-fighting software company has been signed up to provide risk management products to the Reserve Bank.

opinion & analysis

How to grow a super-city

The public needs to know what might happen when Auckland population hits 2 million in 2031, says John Daley.

9:34 AM  The economy will be hurt if a super-city grows badly, says an Australian expert.

Why the planet needs business titans

OPINION: OPINION: Ecostore CEO Malcolm Rand extolls the importance of sustainability within businesses.

A potential new free trade agreement between New Zealand and the EU would offer significant opportunities for us, writes Stephen Jacobi.

FTA with EU on the table?

OPINION: OPINION: Stephen Jacobi believes a potential new FTA between NZ the EU could be good for business.


Farmers keen on loan offer

Fonterra is encouraging farmers to apply early for loans.

Fonterra swamped with responses to its offer of interest-free support loans to its payout beleaguered farmers..

Calf rearing popular again

Rearing calves on weight gain has leapt back into fashion on dairy units around NZ.

Analysis confirms advice to not feed maturing swede crops to cows.

Swedes risk advice 'correct'

Analysis confirms advice that feeding maturing swede crops increases risk of ill-health in cows, DairyNZ says.

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