NZ dollar 'double whammy'

The New Zealand dollar has fallen against the Australian overnight.

11:15 AM  The kiwi falls sharply against the Aussie dollar in a double interest rate and dairy price whammy.

Dairy prices still spiral down

Unemployment worsens 

The building sector wasn't the key driver of jobs growth in Auckland - that's been overtaken by retail and hotel work.

11:01 AM  Unemployment is up slightly to 5.9 per cent, though job numbers continued to rise in the June quarter.

Tips for credit card control

Shopping with a credit card is fine, but pay off the debt in full each month.

11:38 AM  With $4 billion of interest-bearing credit card debt, it's time many of us learnt responsible credit card use.

Insurance change confuses 

Half of all houses may be underinsured, with an estimated $80 billion shortfall across the market.

11:30 AM  Homeowners are still unsure they're properly covered, two years after sum insured was introduced.

Construction jobs could go

Westpac Banks research suggests Canterbury will lose thousands of construction jobs in the next few years.

About 14,000 Canterbury construction jobs could go in the next few years, Westpac warns.

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Dairy prices on downward spiral

Dairy prices have fallen again at the latest dairy auction.

9 min ago  "Very few farmers will be able to turn a profit at such a low price," says analyst after as prices fall for a 10th consecutive time.

Auckland Airport executives quit

11:22 AM  Strategic review prompts two long-serving executives to leave the company.

NZ dollar 'double whammy'

Unemployment gets worse


Firm 'negligent' in botched sale

The 29 Muritai Road mansion (left) was marketed and sold for $6 million, but received a price of just $4.4m after the original sale fell through.

High Court orders an Auckland Bayleys franchise to pay its former client more than $2.2m.

Say ‘Argh!’ to dental bills

Salt away two bucks a day for the dentist. Keeping your chompers in good nick doesn't come cheap.

In a highly competitive market, your bank needs you just as much as you need it.

Ask and you shall receive

In NZ, driving a hard bargain still faintly feels like it violates some social code but the bold are often rewarded.

small business

Famous sausage on the comeback?

Tuatapere man Leo Henderson came up with the original recipe for the famous Tuatapere Sausages, and a similar tasting sausage may be in the offing.

The famous Tuatapere Sausages may be gone, but "very similar" snags may be coming to your plates soon.

Support for small businesses

Eight small businesses get a leg-up through a scholarship from business growth hub The Icehouse.

The Commerce Commission says small businesses are being misled by an invoicing scam.

Small business scam warning

Firms are being tricked into signing up to an online business directory - for a $1411 annual fee.


Greece, lenders to strike upbeat deal

Greek flags are displayed for sale for one Euro at a shop in central in Athens, Greece July 26, 2015.

10:54 AM  Both Greece and its lenders say they're optimistic they can broker a deal within days on a multi-billion euro bailout.

Greek stocks plunge

The market tanked when it reopened after a five-week shutdown during Greece's debt crisis.

US President Barack Obama said the unprecedented carbon dioxide limits are the "the single most important step" America has ever taken to fight climate change.

Obama unveils greenhouse gas cuts video

US president Barack Obama reveals plan to dramatically cut emissions from US power plants.

better business

Tax compliance 'abject failure'

Dave Henderson is facing an inquisition in the High Court at Christchurch.

Dave Henderson's tax compliance is an "abject failure", a court has heard.

'Appalling' waits for driving tests

The backlog is clearing, but Aucklanders are still facing four to six week waits to sit driving tests.

Suzanne Davies has been found guilty of defrauding Tawa plumbing supply chain Zip Plumbing of $1.4 million. She will be sentenced later this month.

$1.4m fraudster guilty

Wellington jury finds Suzanne Davies, 60, guilty on all 300 dishonesty charges.

opinion & analysis

Classic cars skyrocket in value

A selection of MGA sports cars at the New Zealand Classic Car Show at Ellerslie Racecourse in February.

Soaring vintage and classic car values pose questions over insurance cover

Think engagement, not employment

OPINION: Some towns you visit feel vibrant and busy while others felt more like a black hole. Why is that?

Whittaker's seems willing to collaborate with other brands to advance itself.

Whittaker's tasty marketing

Whittaker's is an overnight success that's been over 100 years in the making.


How low will they go?

Dairy prices have fallen again at the latest dairy auction.

9 min ago  "Very few farmers will be able to turn a profit at such a low price,'' says analyst after another big fall in GDT dairy prices.

Documents don't back claim

Documents fail to prove whether NZ faced any legal action threat over its dealings with a Saudi businessman.

Pine plantations like this one are being established on the eastern Taranaki hillcountry.

OIO seeks penalty

OIO taking court action against Australian and NZ-owned companies over Taranaki land deal.

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