Gold Awards finalists

Olivia Olsen, Richard Capie, and Sara Orsborn.

Wellington businesses are sharp and sophisticated awards organiser says.

Gina Rinehart loses family trust

Justice Paul Brereton appointed Bianca, 38, trustee of the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust, which was set up by her late grandfather Lang Hancock and is thought to be worth between $4 billion and $5 billion.

Gina Rinehart has lost control of a AU$5 billion family trust after a court appointed her eldest daughter trustee.

Just desserts for Tip Top 

Tip Top's boysenberry ripple ice cream is a winner.

Tip Top's boysenberry ripple ice cream has scooped another title at New Zealand Icecream Awards.

Taxman's wrath not 'pretty'

Prime Minister John Key says a fully comprehensive capital gains tax would spell "electoral death".

Property speculators warned they won't be able to dodge capital gains by selling after two years and five days.

Free coffee. What's the catch?

Sunflower Cafe

It's tough for cafes to compete, so it can take a new approach to get people through the door.

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Waihi faces 50 job losses video

28052015 NEWS Photo: Mike Scott/Fairfax NZ.Mining activities are on hold at one part of a Wahi gold mining operation, meaning 50 job losses Macmahon Contractors (NZ) Ltd.

After work drinks took on a special significance as workers rally to support each other.

Gold Awards finalists announced

Wellington businesses are sharp, sophisticated organisations, the Wellington Gold Awards organiser says.

Arena Capital in receivership

Just desserts for Tip Top boysenberry


Health insurer pays out $800m

Joint surgeries like knee replacements are a big source of claims for Southern Cross Health Society.

New Zealand's biggest health insurer reveals the treatments it pays out most on for men and women of different ages.

Many Aucklanders scraping by

Aucklanders are the most likely to worry about their finances, a survey suggests.

Mechanical breakdowns can be an expensive headache.

Breakdown insurance traps

Mechanical breakdown insurance isn't cheap, and isn't always easy to understand either.

small business

Quenched vows to return refuelled

Quenched was advertising with the phrase: "Don’t stop the party at your place early, we are here to help."

Booze delivery service says it will be back in business soon, despite criticism.

Getting employers 'youth ready'

Businesses who put themselves in the shoes of young workers will have more success with them.

The problem is that "New Zealand is an easy place to do well".

Kiwi lifestyle holds us back

Our love of lifestyle comes at the cost of bigger pay packets.


Data breaches cost $5.2m a year

The cost of breaches is rising for companies around the world as sophisticated thieves target valuable records.

Study shows the cost of data breaches is rising for companies around the world and is now at about $5.2m a year.

Most powerful Aussie woman named

Iron ore billionaire Gina Rinehart remains Australia's most powerful woman, and 37th in the world. 

The caption on the photos reads: "I have new watches! I'm supposed to have four watches since I have four long legs. But that seems too uncouth so I kept it down to two, which totally fits my status."

Rich kid buys dog two gold watches

Thought you were splurging by purchasing an Apple Watch for yourself? Think again.

better business

Wrong visa leads to fine

29082013 Supplements Photographer John Nicholson/DominionPost. Stuart Boyce. Changed career from banker to tiler.

A Christchurch rebuild firm has been fined for hiring a tiler with the wrong immigration visa.

Office manager jailed for $200k fraud

A Canterbury businessman is warning others to be wary of fraud after his office manager stole nearly $200,000 from the firm.

28012015. Photo:
Job Search

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Lying on your CV is risky

Every CV has a lie in it, but faking it to make it is very short-sighted.

opinion & analysis

Contemplating the Grexit abyss

A man makes his way past a graffiti artwork titled "Death of euros" in Athens. The Greek government faces a debt deadline on June 5, when it must make a €1.5 billion repayment on IMF loans.

OPINION: Imagine if New Zealand were Greece facing financial ruin - the world would barely notice.

Dealing with financial roadblocks

What do you do when the bump in the road is too big to navigate and is more like a financial roadblock?

Broadcaster, radio host and columnist Mike Yardley.

'Restrict foreign house buyers'

OPINION: Restrictions are needed stop Canterbury homes becoming "playdough for foreign speculators".


Saudi farm deal Q & A


What you need to know about the Government's farm deal with a Saudi businessman.

Supreme Court halts farm sale

Sale of Bay of Plenty farm heads to the Supreme Court.

Much of the work in the Wairarapa Anthelmintic Trial was done by host farmers and volunteers, who contributed labour, stock and resources on eight commercial scale properties.

Drenching doubts cast

Three-years of independent trials cast doubts on the effectiveness of long-acting sheep drenches.

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