'That's a huge hit to take'

Cafe tables in Havelock North's usually busy cafe scene have been unusually quiet following the town's water ...

A food crawl in post-campylobacter Havelock North hopes to revive some suffering businesses.

Hope pinned on remote road

Developers of Kahurangi Ridge, south of Karamea, are hoping for a road which would radically shorten travel times in the ...

Isolated community at the top of the South Island, and one developer, want a road through a national park.

Human rights and KiwiSaver

New Zealanders are against capital punishment. Their KiwiSaver funds will fund governments which execute criminals.

We've had the scandal about KiwiSaver and the weapons-makers. Now let's talk about KiwiSaver and human rights.

Better to rent or buy?

Auckland City. Auckland harbour Bridge. Traffic. Auckland traffic. Rush ...

He doesn't regret missing 4 years' capital gains by not buying a house. And he's an economist.

No insurance for pregnancy

Southern Cross health insurance does not cover claims related to pregnancy.

Woman told a painful condition would not be covered because being pregnant was a "choice".

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Horror run for industry

Approximately 160 building-related Christchurch companies have collapsed since January 2015, records indicate.

More than 60 construction-related Christchurch companies have been liquidated this year, owing creditors an estimated $40m.

Airport plans not taking off with public gallery

An artist's impression of what an extended Wellington Airport runway would look like.

Nearly 70 per cent of submitters have voiced their opposition to the proposed Wellington Airport runway extension.

Manawatu apprentices on top

Palmerston North carpentry apprentice Callum Bryson has taken out the top spot of the Central North Island Registered ...

Palmerston North apprentices dominate carpentry competition.

Use X-ray vision to slash your grocery bill

Unit pricing lets you see straight through the allure of marketing gimmicks, flashy packaging, and “economy” pack sizes ...

OPINION: Learn the superpower that allows shoppers to see straight through supermarket trickery.

Careful consideration costs thousands

Sam Whiteman and Murali Bhaskar stand tall with pride next to the "main" mapped pillar set in the city's CBD centre.

Four cement pillars costing $85,000 took months of careful planning.

Taranaki tourism worth $314m

MP for New Plymouth Jonathan Young believes the 3 per cent growth in tourism for the region is just the beginning of an ...

"I think we are seeing people coming here for the very first time, which is really exciting."

CuriousCity: Tugboats bring life into Wellington Harbour video

CentrePort's tugboat, Tapuhi, sits in Wellington Harbour.

It's a job that comes with views that are hard to match. Meet the team who operate the capital's tugboats.

Proposal not flying with public gallery

An artist impression of what an extended Wellington Airport runway would look like.

Nearly 70 per cent of submitters against proposed airport runway extension.

Bank bonanza from $1m homes

Here's the key to your average Auckland home. Now, where's your million dollars?

The lifetime mortgage interest bill for buying the average Auckland home has jumped by nearly $100,000 in three years.

Plastic Bag Free Wanaka launches The Wanaka Bag

Wanaka anti-plastic bag campaigner Anna van Riel.

Wanaka's alternative to plastic shopping bags

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Auckland: the $1m city

0311914 NEWS Photo Charlotte Curd / Fairfax NZ.  Houses for sale in New Plymouth

Houses in NZ's biggest city have cracked the magic million, much sooner than expected.

'Time to pop housing bubble'

OPINION: What does a millionaire look like ... Dome-headed Daddy Warbucks? The top-hatted Monopoly man? Or a frazzled Auckland homeowner?

Fly Buys morphs into money

Housing Key's Waterloo

Panama Papers

Govt accepts foreign trusts plan video

Tax expert John Shewan has called for a shake up of New Zealand's laws around foreign trusts.

John Key accepts foreign trust rules need a radical overhaul following warnings not enough's being done to counter money laundering.

Judgment day for trusts video

The foreign trust inquiry by John Shewan has helped the Government save face.

NZ's foreign trust regime is a good little earner for some, but time may be running out.

Mossack Fonseca staffer held

Geneva prosecutors led a police raid of Mossack Fonseca's local office in which computer equipment was seized.

Computer specialist at the Panama law firm is taken into custody over huge leak.

Pedro Almodovar's Julieta video

Director Pedro Almodovar leaves the Juliet' premier.

"If the Panama Papers were a film," the acclaimed Spanish director said, "we wouldn't even be credited as extras."

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Bugs in water, $57 off rates

Traces of E.coli were found in one of several water tankers filled in Hastings, being used to supply residents in ...

Good news for Havelock North ratepayers; they won't be charged for the water that made them sick.

Easter Trading a step forward

Wanaka Paper Plus manager Chris Lumsden.

New Easter Trading legislation will almost create a level playing field between Queenstown and Wanaka, a Wanaka retailer says.

Kiwi troupe to set Stromboli alight

The Mirror Man, a popular member of the Kiwi entertainment company, Highly Flammable.

A New Zealand company is running a ''fire festival'' on a famous volcanic Italian island.

Shocked seamstress changes mind

Lee Mancer has made New Plymouth her home and will keep her business open.

"It was the initial shock of it all that you just lose it for a moment."

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Warehouse mailer praised for wheelchair model

The catalogue in question.

Mum of twins, both of whom need wheelchairs, praises Warehouse for including disabled child in its mailer.

Bullying: NZ leads the world

"You have to write a note and die to prove a point [about bullying]."

Office bullying is the second worst in the developed world - and that's nothing to be proud of.

Making a bad boss

Forget the alarm, snuggle down and get to sleep for business success.

OPINION: Turn off that alarm clock. When it comes to business sleep is an enabler.

$30k fines for illegal dump site

Stuart Fisher's unofficial dump site in Hawera was filled with a mix of contaminants.

Moral of the story? Know where you have consent to dump rubbish.

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Herding sheep milk's potential

Keith Neylon's sheep milking sheds were pioneering for the commercialisation of the milk product.

Sheep milk producers believe they can grow a high value, high sustainability sector over the next 15 years.

Armed police in Thames

Police were executing a search warrant in Thames.

Armed callout not linked to manhunt for Joshua Kite.

What good is growth?

"For a holistic view on economic progress, our measures of progress need to grow up. We have to reject that growth in ...

OPINION: We celebrate economic growth. But why?

When things don't smell right

Mike O'Donnell likens shares in Rakon to a shaky Suzuki he once called Godzilla.

OPINION: Rakon and an once-fabulous motorcycle have a lot in common, according to Mike O'Donnell.


$60k for moving stream

The stream was diverted into the constructed channel (centre) from its natural course (shown by the natural vegetation).

He dug a 430 metre trench to divert a stream, then claimed nature did it.

Infant formula directors at odds

Carrickmore chief executive Chris Claridge being interviewed by Chinese TV.

"Virulent" accusations followed a breakdown between the two directors of infant formula maker Carrickmore.

Seeka profit rises 92 per cent

Seeka Kiwifruit CEO Michael Franks.

Bumper kiwifruit and avocado seasons have paid off for Seeka Kiwifruit.

He didn't amend his ways

Thousands of workers are needed to service the growing Marlborough wine industry each year.

He was warned, but a Marlborough labour contractor was back to underpaying staff within a year.


WhatsApp to share data

WhatsApp has one billion users worldwide and counting.That's nearly one in seven people on Earth.

Facebook takes first step toward making money from its WhatsApp deal and lots of users aren't happy.

Uber loses US$1.3b in 6 months

Uber investors were told that the biggest source of the company's losses is subsidies its pays for its drivers.

Uber may be gaining riders. It may be on the cutting edge of technology. But it's also a money-loser.

World's first self-driving taxis debut

An autonomous vehicle is parked for its test drive in Singapore. The world's first self-driving taxis, operated by ...

Dozens sign up to hail a free ride in driverless taxis through their smartphones.

A $100 million problem

Sirtex boss Gilman Wong can't find any suitable investments.

Australian Gilman Wong can't find anything he wants to buy with the pile of cash from his cancer treatment company.

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