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Islands get cheaper for regional NZ

Tourism represents 60 per cent of Cook Islands gross domstic profit.

Jetstar launches option to fly from Queenstown to Rarotonga for less than $200.

Air NZ boss says lessons learned video

But Christopher Luxon also says he's proud of the way staff dealt with the Hong Kong airport stranding.

Multimillion dollar land sales as builder hits trouble

The ultimate six figure gifts


Broadband sting moving home

Some customers complained about continuing to receive charges from one provider after they had transferred their accounts to another.

Broadband users found no service when they moved home, even if they tried to checked first.

Low rates boost affordability

Housing affordability is improving, report shows, but don't expect that to last.

Southern Cross Pet Insurance's five biggest claims for cats were for traumatic injury, peritonitis and kidney disorder.

Pricey pooches, costly cats

Bills rack up quickly when animals are injured.

small business

Pressing oil for extra business

Bruce McCallum at the Olive Press, showing off a few of the oils that will be available from the company.

The expansion of Wairarapa's local olive press aims to boost the industry.

Free data in return for ads

App company Postr and Skinny Mobile have launched a new app that offers a win-win for users and advertisers.

Nathan Hutchinson, left, teamed up with his former boss Bryce Moller to turn his university project into a successful business.

Shunting into business success

Courier services company Shunt started as a university project but is turning out to be a fast-growing success.


The ultimate six figure gifts

What do you want for Christmas? America's fanciest gifts are not just fantasy - for some.

The 89th Christmas Book from US retailers Neiman Marcus has fantasy gifts galore.

Is China heading for a crash?

China's economic slowdown has economists worrying that something much more dramatic might be around the corner.

Fortune 500 firms collectively owe about $US2.1 trillion in taxes, according to a study.

Fortune 500 firms avoiding paying taxes

Fortune 500 companies are avoiding paying taxes by holding more than US$2.1 trillion overseas.

better business

Worker must pay $10k

An employee was found to have breached her obligations to her employer when she started up her own business.

Setting up her own lighting business while employed by another firm has landed an Auckland woman with a $10,000 bill.

Australia's shonkiest products video

Ikea's 'leather' couches and Kleenex's 'flushable' wet wipes named some of this year's dodgiest products.

Former food service manager at North Shore Hospital Padmini Singh was rightly dismissed, an ERA decision says.

Hospital food safety manager rightly sacked

A food safety manager in an Auckland hospital who was fired after unsafe work practices was not unjustifiably dismissed as she claims.

opinion & analysis

Tax equity on the way

When it comes to tax payments, a lot can get lost in translation.

5:00 AM  OPINION: It will be easier to sell consumers the idea of charging GST on overseas internet shopping once multinationals pay their share of tax.

Yardley: Time to tax Google

OPINION: New Zealand must pounce on multi-national tax dodgers like Google, Facebook and Apple.

Trade ministers from the 12 countries involved in the Trans Pacific Partnership pose for a photograph before talks in Atlanta.

A modest deal that comes with costs

Forget the lofty talk about how much of the Earth’s landmass the TPP covers – for New Zealand, this looks like a slim achievement at best.


'Time to have a breather' - Guys

Bryan and Jo Guy are looking to sell their farm.

The Feilding farm where Scott Guy was killed in 2010 is up for sale.

Volatile times for sharemilkers

Sharemilkers are busy devising strategies to navigate their way through the volatility of this season's farmgate milk price.

Some of the cows found by the SPCA on Gareth Wordsworth's Tawera farm.

Farmer starved cows to death

A farmer found guilty of starving cows to death has been fined and banned from owning livestock for two years.

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