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Tax clampdown 'not a crusade'

Pascal Saint-Amans says there has been lobbying in Washington for the US to pull the plug on OECD funding because of its efforts to ensure multinationals pay their fair share of tax.

3 min ago  OECD tax policy director Pascal Saint-Amans talks to Tom Pullar-Strecker about the global crackdown on multinational tax rorts.

Motueka's 22-year-old deepsea skipper

10:53 AM  Chase Saunders-Loder has become one of New Zealand's youngest fishing boat skippers.

Work flexibility encouraged during RWC

Wine exporters welcome trade deal


Broadband sting moving home

Some customers complained about continuing to receive charges from one provider after they had transferred their accounts to another.

Broadband users found no service when they moved home, even if they tried to checked first.

Low rates boost affordability

Housing affordability is improving, report shows, but don't expect that to last.

Southern Cross Pet Insurance's five biggest claims for cats were for traumatic injury, peritonitis and kidney disorder.

Pricey pooches, costly cats

Bills rack up quickly when animals are injured.

small business

Pressing oil for extra business

Bruce McCallum at the Olive Press, showing off a few of the oils that will be available from the company.

The expansion of Wairarapa's local olive press aims to boost the industry.

Free data in return for ads

App company Postr and Skinny Mobile have launched a new app that offers a win-win for users and advertisers.

Nathan Hutchinson, left, teamed up with his former boss Bryce Moller to turn his university project into a successful business.

Shunting into business success

Courier services company Shunt started as a university project but is turning out to be a fast-growing success.


A stylish US$165m start-up

Canva CEO Melanie Perkins said the latest funding round would be used for product development and international expansion.

10:59 AM  Canva​ founder Melanie Perkins wild ride as resulted in a multi-million dollar deal.

IMF cuts global growth forecasts

10:13 AM  International Monetary Fund cuts its global growth forecasts for a second time this year

Homeless people frequent McDonald's because they offer a public refuge found in few other parts of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's growing population of 'McRefugees'

10:51 AM  After spending 24 hours at the restaurant, she was found slumped over a table in the corner.

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Wattie's puzzled by light beans

Contents of a 420g can of baked beans being weighed.

A baked beans fan has encountered a weighty problem.

Companies fined for workplace injury

Two companies have been fined over a workplace accident which knocked a man out.

Trade Me is reporting more applications for advertised roles.

Job market softens

The cost of living and houses appears to be driving more Aucklanders to look for work elsewhere.

opinion & analysis

A modest deal that comes with costs

Trade Minister Tim Groser at the Trans-Pacific Partnership press conference.

Forget the lofty talk about how much of the Earth’s landmass the TPP covers – for New Zealand, this looks like a slim achievement at best.

Financial services in EU firing line

OPINION: The European Union is considering the controversial "Robin Hood tax".

New Zealand must pounce on multi-national tax dodgers like Google, Facebook and Apple, Mike Yardley says.

Yardley: Time to tax Google

OPINION: New Zealand must pounce on multi-national tax dodgers like Google, Facebook and Apple.


Dairy prices up almost 10pc

Prices at the overnight auction lifted 9.9 per cent, hitting an average price of US$2834 per metric tonne (FAS).

Dairy prices have risen again in the GlobalDairyTrade auction, the fourth rise in a row.

Big future for sheep milk

According to some experts, sheep milking could become a billion dollar industry in NZ.

Businesses will have to make the most of the cards they have been dealt by the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

TPPA: What we know

Trade negotiators were almost dead on their feet. What did they achieve?

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