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Pay inequality holding NZ back

Employment lawyer Mai Chen says workers who migrated to New Zealand from Asia face workplace discrimination.

White males are key in overcoming pay inequality, a prominent lawyer says.

Tourism industry fears $104m hit

Arrival and departure tax could result in fewer flights, lobby group warns.

Partner blames forestry for death

2degrees offers 'simple' broadband


Big OE money planning

Stock Photo - Young backpackers enjoying a valley view from top of a mountain sunday star times business financial outlook first home buyer general view economic
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OPINION: Before heading off on your big trip, it pays to have your finances sorted.

Stop frittering it away 

Looking for a real challenge? Stop buying stuff for a month.

Wellington households save hundreds by switching power companies.

Switch and save

Households save hundreds of dollars each year by switching power companies.

small business

Weekend, schmeekend

Sometimes sacrifices need to be made in the name of an invoice.

OPINION: If there's one thing that freelancers need to learn fast, it's that there's no such thing as a weekend.

Live chat: Small business

Check out our live chat with ANZ's Fred Ohlsson discussing issues facing small businesses.

Patrick Garvey has been running Garvey's, an antiques and fine furniture store, in Frankton for almost 50 years.

Going antique at Garvey's

He's Hamilton's answer to the antique's roadshow, and 70-year-old Patrick Garvey plans to be around for a while yet.


China's slump hits world markets

An investor stands in front of an electronic board showing China stocks plunged more than 8 per cent, their biggest one-day drop in more than eight years.

NZ's reaction to the biggest rout in Chinese shares in eight years is a small decline.

Mitsubishi quits US production

Mitsubishi quits US production to concentrate on building vehicles in Japan, Southeast Asia and Russia.

New Zealand will face a bigger bill for medicines under the TPP free trade deal, but consumers would be protected, Prime Minister John Key said.

Bigger pill bill under TPP

Protecting Pharmac's purchasing model is one of Labour's bottom lines in support for TPP, Labour leader Andrew Little says.

better business

Partner blames forestry for death

Michael Langford, owner of Langford Contracting, who died in a forestry incident 29 November at Foxhill.

'We've lost a father and a hard working, decent man because this industry works people too hard,' partner says.

Secret work affairs risky

Secret sex at work can lead to sexual harassment, potential blackmail and conflict of interest, expert says.

Arianna Huffington doesn't want to hear how busy you are.

Peeves of the rich and famous

Negative thinking, breaking the two pizza rule, chewing gum loudly - don't do it if you want a job with these successful people.

opinion & analysis

Big OE money planning

Just make sure that backpack has a travel insurance policy inside it.

OPINION: Before heading off on your big trip, it pays to have your finances sorted.

Stamp duty will 'stop the rot'

OPINION: John Key should introduce a punitive stamp duty to stop offshore buyers gaming the country's housing market, Mike Yardley says.

Market-watchers now see the Australian dollar slipping below US76¢ in coming days or weeks, and then towards US75¢ as divergent monetary policies and growth patterns between the US and Australia drive investor capital away from the Aussie towards the greenback.

GST import threshold could drop

Could New Zealand's GST import rules be up for change if our Australian counterparts change their rules?


Banks 'reluctant' to force sales

Bill English says the Government has been in talks with banks about troubles facing the dairy sector.

Banks will be reluctant to force indebted dairy farmers to sell up, Finance Minister predicts.

$500,000 flood package

Taranaki Regional Council's offer of half a million dollars for flood-stricken farmers is unique for its size.

Jiang Zhaobai,  chairman of Shanghai-based Pengxin Group.

Bids in to buy farms

Bidders have made offers for what Shanghai Pengxin says is the "legitimate" sale of NZ dairy farms.

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