Kathmandu a Briscoes' bargain?

Briscoes boss Rod Duke said he was excited by the potential created by bringing together the two retailers.

10:53 AM  Briscoes surprises the outdoor clothing firm with news of its takeover bid.

Greek $2.6b default looms video

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called a referendum on austerity demands from foreign creditors.

3 min ago  Tens of thousands of Greeks rally to support government amid financial chaos.

Fear of the taxman

Some people will argue that once you figure out what you've got to do, managing your finances yourself is a piece of cake.

10:45 AM  My accountant had some great advice for a budding self-starter.

Kiwi recovers amid crisis

The New Zealand dollar has recovered ground but was likely to turn down over the next few days.

10:02 AM  Currency markets are in disarray as uncertainty builds in the eurozone.

Upper Hutt woos Aussie retailer

Lincraft, Australia.

10:28 AM  The big retailer touted to move into Upper Hutt's The Mall is revealed.

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New boss for UDC Finance

Wayne Percival, newly appointed UDC Finance chief executive.

15 min ago  ANZ-owned finance company names Wayne Percival as the new chief executive.

Kathmandu a Briscoes' bargain?

10:53 AM  Briscoes is poised for a full takeover of the company, taking Kathmandu by surprise.

Agent's poo package 'offensive'

Kiwi recovers amid crisis


More homes in Tauranga

Tauranga will get as many as 210 new homes in Special Housing Areas.

Up to 210 new homes will be built after Cabinet approves Special Housing Areas in Papamoa and Ohauiti.

You can save and have fun stuff nation

Instead of complaining about how little money you make, think about the things that matter to you.

There’s nothing like a roaring fire in winter, especially when it's not costing a cent.

Staying warm this winter

Secrets to staying toasty this winter without racking up a huge power bill.

small business

Fear of the taxman

Some people will argue that once you figure out what you've got to do, managing your finances yourself is a piece of cake.

10:45 AM  My accountant had some great advice for a budding self-starter.

Family businesses need love

An exit strategy is essential for family run businesses.

Teams at work during the Startup Weekend held at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

Launch-pad for businesses

Nelson's Start Up Weekend helped firms design and create a business model from scratch.


Greece hours from $2.6b default video

Pensioners line up outside an Athens branch of the National Bank of Greece hoping to get their pensions.

0 min ago  Tens of thousands of Greeks rally amid financial chaos to back the government's bailout rejection.

Fear spreads of a eurozone implosion

Fears are mounting that the outcome could sink not just Greece but the euro and the idea of the EU itself.

Investors are concerned about the fallout across Europe if Greece exits the euro zone.

Wall St falls on Greece default fears

US stocks extended losses in heavy trading on fears Greece could be the first to exit the euro zone.

better business

New numbers guy for Xero

Sankar Narayan, Xero chief financial officer.

3 min ago  Xero is welcoming a new senior executive with Sankar Narayan joining as chief financial officer.

Mobil pays for oil spill

The company will pay almost $700,000 to the council for clean-up costs.

Puddle Jumpers children's clothing owner Lucy Walter with her son Rory Walter, 4, at their Renwick home.

Online sales boost business

Moving into the online retail world has seen one small Marlborough-based children's clothing business get a foothold in new markets around the world.

opinion & analysis

Paying people to dobb in tax dodgers

07052015. 123rf.
New Zealand High Resolution Tax Concept High Resolution Piggy Concept

3d; account; accountant; asia; asian country; background; bank; banner; business; concept; country; economy; emblem; ethnic; finance; financial; flag; government; graphic; icon; illustration; income; investment; legal; money; national; national flag; new; new zealand; new zealand flag; percent; pig; piggy; profit; render; return; saving; savings; symbol; tax; taxation; white; word; zealand

10:02 AM  OPINION: There can be significant financial incentives to dob in individuals or companies suspected of dodging UK tax. ¬†

eBay's no teddy when talking tax

The Australasian tale of global company eBay's tax affairs is worthy of Hollywood fantasy.

Givers of a cash donation are entitled to claim a tax rebate but not necessarily on other types of gifts.

Tax fish hooks in 'donations' at charity auctions

Cash donations are entitled to a tax rebate.


Foreign buyers snap up vineyards

Foreign ownership of land in Marlborough continued to increase

10:04 AM  Overseas companies continue to buy up land in Marlborough for vineyard expansion.

A question of milk

The price Kiwis pay for milk is influenced by exchange rates, supermarket wars and wholesale prices.

Livestock carrier Nada berthed in the Port of Timaru.

Livestock reach Mexico

The livestock carrier Nada has reached Mexico, according to vessel tracking website, Marine Traffic.

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