'PAYE' plan for company tax

Ambitious changes: Revenue Minister Todd McClay

7:30 AM  The way businesses, investors and the self-employed pay tax could change completely.

Tax changes to affect 'everyone'

Less taxing?: Everyone may have to check an online statement from Inland Revenue each year.

9:07 AM  The IRD could automatically collect tax owed by taking it from people's savings and investment income.

Kiwi nears parity with Aussie 

New Zealand dollar currency

8:20 AM  The last time the NZ currency was on par with the Australian dollar, Norman Kirk was Prime Minister.

Chch Tokyo flights canned

Air NZ Dreamliner 787-9

7:30 AM  Air New Zealand is pulling its last remaining long haul flights from the mainland city.

Log firm calls administrators

With a fleet of 60 vehicles, Waimea Contract Carriers classes itself as the Top of the South's largest log transport company

Waimea Contract Carriers, the largest log transport company in the Top of the South region, is in voluntary administration.

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Leaning tower of windy Welly

An architect’s view of how Wellington Airport’s new 32-metre-high control tower would stand among its neighbours in Tirangi Rd, Rongotai. It would be designed to lean into the prevailing northerly at an angle of 12.5 degrees.

8:47 AM  Airways New Zealand has lodged a resource consent application for a 32-metre-high airport control tower with a 12.5 degree lean.

Shopping laws rile retailers

8:39 AM  Blenheim store owners are frustrated that Easter trading laws will again see them miss out on one of Marlborough's most lucrative weekends.

Ammonia spill at port

Air New Zealand ends Christchurch Tokyo flights


$640K section sold over rates

Sold sign on a for sale house sign in Auckland. Property sale. Real estate. House for sale.Picture By Brendon O'Hagan 17/08/2006 66817 Photographers Auckland This is the property of the Sunday Star-Times

Council to sell Auckland section after owners failed to pay rates for 10 years.

Tying the knot 2nd time round

If you married young, chances are your estate was not exactly a goldmine.

money, NZ dollars, cash

Household wealth rises

New Zealanders are trillionaires - just.

small business

How to keep your startup on track

Stephen Nicholas is a Deloitte partner.

8:03 AM  OPINION: This phase sets the scene for the future of your business so good decision making and cashflow management are critical.

Green fingers prove winning 

It was the seed of an idea that transformed into $15,000 over two days.

With the kiwi near record highs against the Australian dollar, exporters to Australia who haven't managed their currency risk face losing money.

'Gazumped' by exchange rate

Firms may do all the right things to sell their product only to lose money without a forex policy.


JetBlue sued over midair meltdown

JetBlue pilot captain Clayton Osbon is removed from the plane after erratic behaviour forced the crew to land in Amarillo, Texas.

Pilot sues his airline saying it should have stopped him from having onboard breakdown.

Apple CEO to donate fortune

Apple CEO joins the roster of the very rich who are giving away their wealth.

Sky's the limit: The CBA announced a first-half profit of $4.62 billion this morning.

Kiwi on A$1.9m bribery charge

Kiwi is second person to be charged with corruptly receiving payments from a supplier.

better business

Warehouse starts CEO search

The Warehouse CEO Mark Powell indicated last year that he didn't see himself continuing in the role past early 2016.

Big-box retailer is looking for a new chief executive to replace Mark Powell who leaves next year.

Business links with China

Intention for businesses in Wellington and Chinese city of Shenzhen to work together

Ambitious changes: Revenue Minister Todd McClay

'PAYE' plan for company tax

7:30 AM  The way businesses, investors and the self-employed pay tax could change completely after Inland Revenue completes $1 billion-plus overhaul of the tax system.

opinion & analysis

How to survive the Easter onslaught

A one-child, one-egg policy is advisable.

OPINION: What's the Easter equivalent of the Grinch who stole Christmas? Quite probably me.

Is the Lucky Country losing its lustre?

OPINION: Australia seems a bargain. Their dollar is worth about the same as ours - making it a great spot for a holiday.

Greg Williamson, director of Concentrate, says focus on activities that keep customers happy.

Stop spending on marketing

OPINION: You need to stop spending on marketing, and instead look at how you can invest in acquiring new customers.


Supermarkets stay vigilant

Supermarkets have instigated safety measures in reaction to the 1080 poisoning threat of infant baby formula.

Supermarkets are staying vigilant ahead of the deadline imposed by a blackmailer who threatened to lace baby food with 1080.

Toxins killed cows - ministry

Southland dairy cow deaths blamed on high concentrations of naturally occurring toxins in a variety of swedes.

Gavin Mutch placed third at the Taranaki Shears shearing competition held at Stratford War Memorial Hall

Hastings shearer on top

Homeground advantage was not with local hero Gavin Mutch in the Taranaki Shears competition.


Cloud in unexpected places

UNEXPECTED PLACES: It would be easy to think that the farming, fishing and forestry industries are immune to shifts in technology, but nimble business thinking and agile technologies are changing the local game.

It would be easy to think the farming, fishing and forestry industries would be immune to shifts in technology, but you'd be wrong.

Telcos under the gun

Consumer NZ says internet providers are doing a worse job and customers are more likely to be dissatisfied.

DAVID MCLEAN: Acting NZ chief executive since June last year, when he was flown in from New York.

Kiwi gets top job at Westpac NZ

David McLean was drawn home from the bright lights of New York City by the allure of his "dream job".

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