Call for more boardroom Asians

100514. Photo: Supplied by Mai Chen
Mai Chen

Bank's new director says ethnic representation has now overtaken gender as one of the biggest concerns for boardrooms.

Shop with animal instinct video

210415 News Photo: Rory O'Sullivan/Fairfax NZ As well as increasing revenue, Countdown's marketing guru Bridget Lamont hopes the Super Animals 2 initiative can spearhead the supermarket's community engagement over the coming months.

Countdown's marketing boss is one of the most popular women in NZ thanks to "Super Animals" cards.

Korean-Kiwi mega deal

2304015 News Photo: Peter Meecham/ Fairfax NZ
Paul Ding, MD of online and TV shopping company Yes Shop, which is about to announce a tie up with Hyundai shopping channel in S Korea, pictured in the studio of their Auckland operation. 
The agreement will see more NZ goods being supplied to Korea amd more Korean goods being on offer in NZ - for Asian consumers who like them.

Yes Shop has signed a groundbreaking supply agreement with Korean online shopping giant.

Timely tax or testing trick

Auckland's housing issues may be better solved with more affordable properties.

Auckland's housing issues may be better solved with more affordable properties.

Business body beautiful

Lucas Bennett and Suzi McAlpine of executive coaching company MInd Body Reset

Leadership development specialist and successful personal trainer team up to tackle stressed-out business leaders.

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Shopping with animal instinct video

Countdown launches their Super Animals 2 collectible campaign. Students in Mrs Gordon's class at St Peter?s Catholic Primary School, Cambridge, New Zealand, each receive a bespoke set of 'Super Country' cards after being inspired by the original Countdown Super Animals campaign in February. Monday 20 April 2015.  Copyright Photo: Mike Walen /

Supermarket chain, Countdown's marketing supremo Bridget Lamont, has become one of the most popular women in New Zealand after the launch of a second tranche of the company's cult craze - the "Super Animals" collectable cards.

Pizza Hut's 'Anzac' acronym fail

Pizza Hut is the latest company to come under fire for using the term Anzac incorrectly in a pizza advert.

Mobile outage for Spark

Chorus confirms 'Netflix effect'


KiwiSaver tax warning

Check your KiwiSaver tax rate now.

Some KiwiSavers are being overtaxed on the savings.

Parity slips out of reach

A drop in the kiwi dollar means parity with the Australian currency is further away than anticipated.

"Even a greenfields development like this ... it's taken years to get here, just because these are generational decisions," Bill English said.

Auckland defies curbs

Government's done everything it can to cap sky-rocketing house prices, English says.

small business

Insurance education targets SMEs

Just a quarter of small business are adequately insured against disasters such as the Christchurch earthquake.

Small businesses are the target of new resources aimed at ensuring more have sufficient insurance cover.

Anzac test for tourism

Anzac weekend is the first test run of the 'Mondayisation Bill' slated to boost domestic tourism.

Finn Puklowski says reinventing the video store is a case of do or die.

Can gamers save video stores?

Video stores are a dying breed. But one man is leading a rebellion.


Streaming is a 'millennial missile'

Peter Dinklige as Tyrion Lannister, one of the few compassionate characters left in the new season of Game of Thrones.

HBO was missing out on nearly 10 million households that might want to watch the premium channel.

Google revenue up 12 per cent

Shares in the world's No1 internet search engine rose 3.8 per cent in extended trading on Thursday.

Comcast's merger with Time Warner would have controlled 30 to 50 per cent of the US broadband service.

Comcast to ditch Time Warner buyout

Comcast backs out of contentious US$45 billion merger of US's two largest cable operators.

better business

Chips pulled from shelves

potato chips crisps bluebird generic for Sunday Magazine

Bluebird is recalling two of its snack pack chips because they may contain pieces of white plastic.

Women top TVNZ board

Former MediaWorks boss Sussan Turner will help govern TVNZ.

NZ-owned Esquires Coffee was commended for its sourcing of fair-trade and organic coffee.

Esquires' ethics rate

Kiwi-owned coffee chain ranked higher in a study than Starbucks and other coffee giants.

opinion & analysis

The Mondayisation of Anzac Day

Anzac Day day in lieu and extra pay rules are confusing if you usually work on a Saturday or a Monday.

OPINION: There has been some confusion as to what people do about the new phenomenon of the Mondayisation.

No dam progress, only $6.5m spent

OPINION: The trouble with big ideas, like irrigation schemes, is that they sometimes take so long to get going, they appear to have failed.

Getting SaaSy with your churn

OPINION: Check out the churn before sinking your money into a Saas business.


Seed drill a Rolls Royce system

Dr John Baker and his innovative cross-slot seed drill which promotes healthy soils.

8:58 AM  Feilding soil scientist and inventor is on a mission to save the world's soils and has created the "Rolls Royce" of direct drill seed machines.

Hobby beekeeping takes off video

The humble honey bee is proving a popular pastime as hive numbers sky rocket.

Wine has been a stellar export performer in recent years.

Exports close to $4 billion

New Zealand's fruit and vegetable production has exceeded $7 billion for the first time, with exports now valued at $3.9bn.

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