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‘Ransomware’ scare for law firm

Cavell Leitch was among several businesses in New Zealand targeted by overseas hackers with ransom notes.

Christchurch Law firm narrowly avoids falling victim to a cyber scam.

Reefton braces for loss of goldmine

A small West Coast town is bracing for change as the local goldmine is readied for mothballing.

Glittering prizes

Affordability - the holy grail


The 'risk aversion' gene

Greg Peacock, the chief executive of New Zealand Asset Management, was brought up to see being good with money as an essential life skill.

Absolute returns investor Greg Peacock learnt a lot from his first investment as a student in 1987.

Doing recruitment Weirdly

A software start-up is proving the recruitment process can be fun as well as effective.

Prepare for a cash extraction!

Say ‘Argh!’ to cost of dentistry

Salt away two bucks a day for the dentist. Keeping your chompers in good nick doesn't come cheap.

small business

Doing recruitment Weirdly

Software company Weirdly operate out of shared business hub Grid AKL in Auckland's Wynyard Quarter. It is a small team, including Daniel Young (left), Sebastian Hallum Clarke, Keren Phillips and Sarah O'Leary.

A software start-up is proving the recruitment process can be fun as well as effective.

Reusable cup wins awards

A revolutionary new coffee cup made in Motueka has won two major awards in as many months.

Denise and Rodney Wayne still enjoy coming home to New Zealand,

English summer sojourn

Hair care master Rodney Wayne makes the most of the northern summer.


Rolling Stone editor quits, students sue

The Rolling Stone article 'A rape on campus' was later found to be fake.

Rolling Stone managing editor resigns in wake of now-retracted University of Virginia rape story.

Facebook profit slides 9 per cent

Social network owner spent heavily to boost mobile revenue and develop products like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Interim CEO of Twitter and CEO of Square Jack Dorsey.

Harsh criticism for Twitter

Twitter needs to act fast - simplify its core product and organise news feeds better, analysts say.

better business

Lucky Taco gives back

Sarah Frizzell creating a taco.

A successful Kickstarter campaign by Lucky Taco deserves a good turn and so - free tacos for everyone.

Phoenix 'confident' over recall

Soft drinks company believes it has pinpointed all affected batches.

Jackie O'Fee says keeping it simple removes decision "fatigue" about clothes.

Style it simply

Much of the work I do in a clients' wardrobe is to take the guesswork out what to wear each day.

opinion & analysis

The secret to hunting is chasing the mongrels, not purebreds

Tallulah, Sierra and Mike O'Donnell with Cactus the english pointer, out hunting roosters.

OPINION: OPINION: In the cyber world Moore's law, not Murphy's, that is one of the great constants.

Retirement myths debunked

OPINION: Retirement is like another world with a completely different set of issues, opportunities and constraints.


Rough week ahead for dairying

The cows are still being milked but it's a tough time out there for dairy farmers.

7:18 AM  Double whammy for dairy expected with a GDT auction and Fonterra's milk price outlook due.

Water on the move

7:33 AM  Water now flowing through the canals and pipelines of a giant $172m Canterbury irrigation scheme.

A honey bee collecting pollen.

Bee colony collapse fears

7:52 AM  Unexplained bee losses raise fears of colony collapse disorder in New Zealand.

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