Garner: House price home truths

The Government has done little, if anything, to deflate the house price bubble.

OPINION: As the Government fiddles, house prices remain on fire. Do the Aussies have the answer?

OIO investigating toxic leak claim

Labour MP David Cunliffe says the Overseas Investment Office has "questions to answer".

The OIO is investigating claims the foreign owners of the Onetai station in Taranaki were held responsible for polluting a river in Argentina in 2011.

Dick Smith sites scooped up

Dick Smith had a range of locations from shopping malls to high streets and large-format centres.

Retailers eye up prime Dick Smith locations.

Weldon's day in court looms

Mark Weldon in his days leading NZX.

Former NZX boss Mark Weldon faces days in the witness boss as long running battle finally heads to court.

Big things for Hamilton Airport

More passengers are travelling through Hamilton Airport, bucking a declining trend.

More travellers means more investment into the regional airport.

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'They just biffed my board' video

Qantas requires all surfboards to be checked in with fragile tags attached to surfboard bags.

Video surfaces of surfers watching in horror as heavy handed baggage handlers throw surfboards on ground.

Big things coming to Hamilton Airport

More passengers are travelling through Hamilton Airport, bucking a declining trend.

More travellers means more investment into the regional airport.

Small business start-up entries open

Business Accelerator judges from left, Emma Thompson, Matt Stringer, Julie Baxendine, Conal Beban. Manoli Aerakis, ...

The Business Accelerator competition has got $35,000 up for grabs for small to medium sized businesses from the top of the south.

Business matters

Jurgen Voigtlander of Liquid Alchemy has released a new line of single malt whisky.

Business happenings from around the region.

'I'll believe it when I see it'

EQC have closed Mandy Fraser's claim, but have not repaired up to a 'when new' standard as they are legally required to do.

Homeowners expect a fight to have earthquake repairs reviewed and fixed to "when new" standard. Mandy Fraser is one of them.

90kg pallet falls on retail worker

A pallet weighing between 90kg-100kg fell on Erin Talty's head, leaving her with a brain injury, as well as injuries to ...

The former employee has no memory of the workplace accident which left her with a traumatic brain injury.

Uber stand-off

Uber generic.

Uber may pay the fines of its drivers found to be breaking the law.

Weldon's day in court looms

Mark Weldon in his days leading NZX.

Former NZX boss Mark Weldon faces days in the witness boss as long running battle finally heads to court.

Supermarkets appeal booze laws

Supermarket chains Progressive Enterprises and Foodstuffs North Island Ltd have appealed Hamilton's provisional local ...

The country's two big supermarket chains have filed appeals against Hamilton's proposed new liquor laws.

Waikato property projects celebrated

Waikato and Bay of Plenty Architecture Awards 2016 include this project in the Housing category: Crosson Architects The ...

Holiday homes and retreats prominent in annual architectural awards

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KiwiSaver could cost $70k

Your provider could take almost $80,000 in fees over a lifetime of saving.

We are set to shell out tens of thousands of dollars in KiwiSaver fees - why don't we care?

Asian managed funds access

Agreement clears way for Kiwi investment firms to expand in Japan and Korea, and vice versa.

For sale - waterfalls included video

Here's your excuse to spend

Panama Papers

Panama loopholes for normal Kiwis? video

The average Kiwi can't get the same tax advantages as those brought to light in the Panama Papers - but there wouldn't ...

The super-rich are able to dodge tax by keeping their money offshore. But could you?

What if CIA behind Panama Papers?

US director of national intelligence James Clapper paid a visit to Wellington in March.

OPINION: Makes sense for US to have been behind leak exposing tax evasion.

All tax returns should be public

Show us your tax return please Prime Minister.

Making all tax returns publicly available would be the best weapon against tax evasion.

Panama Papers prompts OECD action

An activist in Germany finds an inventive way to campaign for more tax transparency in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal.

Issue at centre of controversy over NZ's foreign rules gets more international attention.

small business

Welcome to the cash-free cafe

Pablo & Rusty's Coffee Roasters is opening up a cash-free cafe.

Imagine walking into a cafe without your money, cards or phone and paying with your reusable coffee cup.

The big price freeze

Elyse Daniels, founder of Exodus Wear, has diversified her product range so she can keep fixed pricing.

Small businesses are leaving prices for services and products unchanged for more than a decade.

Tattoo debacle rages on

Sarah Blackley was "utterly embarrassed and disgusted" by this tattoo.

The woman involved in a stoush over a tattoo is sorry for the damage she has done the tattooist's business.

Hoverboards grounded 

Wellington startup Ghost Boards insists its devices are safe and wants Wellington City Council to reconsider a failed ...

Wellington firm calls for support in a last bid to reverse council decision banning it from the Waterfront.

better business

Wellington dumpster divers

Wellington Chocolate Factory sustainability coordinator Lydia Bennett, left, with Sustainability Trust intern Troy Rossi ...

Businesses digging deep into their rubbish do their bit for the environment.

How to use neighbour's power

People with solar panels on their homes are being offered a way to get a better rate for the power created.

New company allows households to use each other's solar power.

Courier costs confuse

The Nelson suburb of Atawhai is considered a rural zone by couriers, despite only being a five-minute drive from the ...

As little as 4km from the city could be considered rural when it comes to paying for a courier.

Running the vines

Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon director Chris Shaw says holding the event in the vines has led to participants ...

The Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon shows the benefit of events to Marlborough.

opinion & analysis

Get a better deal from your mortgage

Robert and Marilyn are mid-60s and have recently retired.  Robert was a lawyer in Auckland while Marilyn raised their ...

OPINION: The best way to structure your property lending will depend on your stage of life.

How hard have young buyers got it, really?

Don't just blame Sky - your coconut yoghurt habit is expensive, too.

OPINION: It's time for young buyers to take some responsibility - New Zealand househunters don't know how lucky they are.

Christchurch is unique

Tom Hooper, CEO at Canterbury Development Corporation.

OPINION: One of Christchurch's big challenges in 2016 will be ensuring the rest of the world understands our economy is unique.

The power of team work

Peter Townsend of the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce: Christchurch is halfway.

OPINION: Canterbury has a golden opportunity; we need to make the most of it. It is up to all of us to be prepared.


Kiwifruit lovers safe, says Zespri

Kiwifruit is safe says Zespri after grease was found on packaging.

Zespri assures kiwifruit lovers they are safe after 1.7 million trays were put on hold.

Facial eczema shocker not over

Tarata, Taranaki, farmer Jarred Coogan gives his calves a bolus to prevent facial eczema.

The worst facial eczema scourge in nearly two decades is tipped to drag well into May.

Finding the perfect flock

Hoggets are no longer second class citizens, but a valuable stock class

It's been a nationwide search to find New Zealand's top ewe hogget flock.

NZ beef cattle reach China

Angus cattle are in demand and a shipment of more than 3000 has been sent to China.

Over 3000 beef cattle arrive by sea, destined for a breeding programme on a farm in Mongolia.


Formless computers of the future

"Over time, the computer itself - whatever its form factor - will be an intelligent assistant helping you through your ...

You've heard of the internet of things. But what about computers that aren't things at all?

$60 for 'original' Shapes

Consumers are outraged Arnotts have changed the popular Pizza flavoured Shapes

 While some are hating on Arnott's for changing Shapes, others are making a hefty profit.

'Save electricity, work less' video

For good measure, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has also asked women to stop using hair dryers.

Venezuela imposes a two-day workweek as severe electricity shortages grip the nation.

World's highest-paid CEO

Patrick Soon-Shiong was a doctor by the time he was 23.

Drugmaker firm's boss makes just under $13,000 an hour.

Today's business leaders need to tap into the skills, networks and energy of their employees.


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