Gay bars closing up shop

SHUT DOWN: Paul Heard has closed his bar, Urge, calling it a "tough" move.

Social media apps are killing the gay bar scene, claiming as their latest victim New Zealand's longest-running gay venue.

Fashion queen's good yarn

PERI DRYSDALE: Founder of Untouched World.

Few people can claim to have developed a genuinely new fibre. Peri Drysdale has just unveiled her second.

Battler takes on ACC

DETERMINED: Michael Cruickshank has been fighting an ongoing battle with ACC.

A man fighting to quash his conviction for ACC fraud says he will take his fight to the Supreme Court.

Mega on track for listing

Mega chief executive Graham Gaylard is balancing the value of founder Kim Dotcom’s international brand with local perceptions.

Mega boss Graham Gaylard says discussions with regulators are in their final stages.

Selling the Kiwi brand

KIWI PUSH: PR man Brian Sweeney says New Zealand has to broaden its international image get some vision.

If New Zealand was a business it would be "pathetically" under-spending on marketing.

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Selling the Kiwi brand

KIWI PUSH: PR man Brian Sweeney says New Zealand has to broaden its international image get some vision.

If New Zealand was a business it would be "pathetically" under-spending on marketing.

Rebuild reviewer appointed

Independent reviewer to look into rebuild work and costs related to Christchurch's quake-damaged horizontal infrastructure.

SFF allowed meat discharge

Stonewood deny stonewall


Shop smart this silly season

SANTA CLAUSE: Make sure the presents you’re loading up for Christmas are right.

Follow these simple rules to ensure you're not being ripped off this spending season.

Financial advisers needed

New Zealand risks a shortage of financial advisers if more is not done to bring talent into the profession.

SLIM PICKINGS: The returns made from the proceeds of burglaries are often pitiful.

Burglary season looms

Each year, about 30,000 burglaries from homes and businesses are logged with the an insurance claims database.

small business

How to sell more online in 2015

Internet shopping grew by 12.8 per cent in the year to September.

Eight key dos and don'ts for small businesses to keep the virtual tills ringing.

Kiwi tequila captures local spirit

Terry Knight can raise a toast to success after releasing a tequila he has painstakingly produced in Golden Bay.


The female funding fiasco

Women are often seen by lenders as 'fly-by' rather than serious business owners.


Russia's economic reality shirtfronts Putin

Under pressure: Russian President Vladimir Putin

The tough-talking Russian President is wrestling a mounting economic crisis that will test his famed resilience.

Avon pleads guilty to China bribes

Door-to-door beauty product firm's admission over bribing officials and falsifying records lands it with a US$68m fine.

US Fed chair Janet Yellen.

Fed confident on US growth

The Federal Reserve offered a strong signal that it was on track to raise interest rates sometime next year, altering a pledge to keep rates near zero for a "considerable time" in a show of confidence in the US economy.

better business

Secret santa 'nothing short of bullying'

NOT LAUGHING: Ngoc Luan Ho Trieu with the gift that was so offensive.

Mean jokes and re-gifting - office workers revolt and slam the Christmas work gift tradition "brutal and cruel".

Cruel Secret Santa ruined my career

Public servant's gift implied colleagues thought his economic modelling work was animal poo.

Auckland the best place for jobs

The biggest city fares well but job ads are flat in Canterbury and Wellington.

opinion & analysis

So much for peak oil...

Pegasus Basin

OPINION: Why the sudden interest in the virtually unexplored Pegasus Basin, off the Wairarapa coast?

Deficit a bitter pill for Government

OPINION: The Government's flagship economic promise has been holed and is in danger of sinking.

A photo illustration shows a man silhouetted in front of an electronic board showing the FTSE MIB Index.

Rich listers in Luxe crew

OPINION: What brings such far-flung Kiwi and European investment interests together? One word - tax.


CT scanning 'magnificent' tool

SCAN FAN: Canterbury farmer Brent Macaulay is a fan of CT scanning to get the most out of his southdowns. The ram had a CT scan as a ram hogget that helped to get an accurate reading of its internal as well as external virtues.

A Canterbury ram stud breeder has become a convert to CT scanning after selling a southdown ram for $14,000.

Farming mixed with writing

On Triple Springs farm you can find sheep, cattle, sport horse and heading dog breeding, as well as a spot of children's story writing.

Julian and Fiona Downs, Rannoch Meats owners and red devon farmers at Greytown.

Red beef by word of mouth

Red devon meat sold to Wellington diners provides a handy income for a small Wairarapa block.


Old boys' club bad for business

David Slack is the internet adventurer behind

OPINION: It may seem cosy, but the old boys’ club is a sign of a business going nowhere fast

Meet New Zealand's cleanest and greenest firms

A green childcare centre shaped like a womb; senior managers with sustainability KPIs; a disaster relief mobile phone network – this year’s Sustainable 60 winners show how building a better future is good for business.

Decorating shopping malls and public spaces with Christmas cheer is becoming bigger and bigger business for party supplies firm, Celebrations Group.

Decking the malls video

Decorating shops and public spaces with Christmas cheer is big business.