Smartwear on its way

17:00, Jun 21 2014
Samsung smartwatch and fitness band
GET AHEAD OF YOURSELF: Samsung’s smartwatch and fitness band.

It's only a trickle at the moment, but soon wearable technology will flood both our personal and our work lives.

At the moment, most discussion about smartwatches and other wearable tech is focussed on fitness.

But this sort of technology also has huge potential in the workplace.

Recent research done by the University of London showed employees with wearable devices increased their productivity 8.5 per cent and their job satisfaction 3.5 per cent.

Imagine apps on your smartwatch telling you when a meeting starts, or an app on your smart glasses recalling important statistics for a presentation.

There could also be suit jackets that allow you to answer a call by tapping your sleeve, and eventually a smart contact lens that identifies people you meet.

But this technology could also be used in conjunction with fitness apps so companies could encourage them to move around so staff do not get too sedentary.

However, there is a fine line between using tech to make workers more productive and using it to monitor them. As with previous tech breakthroughs, such as smartphone and tablets, the impact on our work lives could be significant and the floodgates will soon be wide open.


Sunday Star Times