Port drops plans to restructure business

PrimePort Timaru has reconsidered a restructuring proposal meaning jobs are no longer threatened, a union says.

Earlier this month, the Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) said 16 staff were likely to be made redundant, the third time in four years that jobs would be lost. However, yesterday the RMTU said the news that the sixteen jobs would not longer go was "good news".

PrimePort chief executive Jeremy Boys had told members that the board has "reconsidered" its position and restructuring plans had been scrapped.

"He's saying that since his resignation was announced last week they've had a fresh look at the situation and have conceded that the change was unnecessary," RMTU South Island organiser John Kerr said.

Boys confirmed the change in stance by the company, saying it judged his resignation as having the potential to unsettle staff, on top of the restructuring. The intention had always been that staff were given the opportunity to retain jobs either at PrimePort or within the container terminal operation, run by its half owner Port of Tauranga, he said.

Tauranga bought half of Timaru's port last year.