Waste firm fed up with bad debtors

Waste company owner Darren Harris is taking a hard line with bad payers after being stung once too often.

On Saturday, Harris, who owns Container Waste Ltd, tipped out the rubbish in 15 skips he had hired to troubled Christchurch building firm Williams and Co and took the skips away.

"I had a peek afterwards and saw someone from the company [Williams and Co] arrive in a Jaguar to arrange the cleanup."

"I'm just sick of people not paying their debts. There should be plenty of money flowing around but behind the flash there's often not much to back it up."

Williams and Co was a couple of months behind on paying and were the third company he had recently lost money on.

"Now if they don't pay I take the skips back," Harris said.

Since taking back the skips, Williams and Co had rung him to say he would be paid.

Harris said he lost $6500 when Christchurch company Four Shore Building and Construction went into liquidation in April with a shortfall to creditors of nearly $1 million. Its workers are owed about $80,000 in unpaid wages and holiday pay and unsecured creditors are not expected to get anything.

Inland Revenue is owed at least $200,000.

A report by liquidators HFK Ltd said it was not able to contact Four Shore's director Douglas MacDonald, who left the country a week before the company stopped trading.

Harris said he had heard MacDonald was in Thailand.

Williams and Co, promoted as a firm getting people into their new homes faster, has run into trouble in the last year.

It is operated by Ashton Williams and former bankrupt Barnaby Pask. Companies Office records show a loan secured over a large number of cars including a supercharged Jaguar.

Other building industry creditors are taking action against the company but did not want to be named. One is owed more that $50,000 and the other about $16,000.

Williams and Co did not respond to emailed questions.

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