Backlash against fast food shock tactics

Two takeaway companies known for using shock tactics in marketing campaigns have had to apologise for content on their Facebook pages.

Habitual Fix have retracted an advertisement which mocks shamed Belarusian shot-putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk's gender.

Following the news Val Adams would receive the gold medal for the shot-put, the company came out with a voucher for The Manwich, offering 'No added hormones or steroids' or 'hidden a-genders'.

Critics said the ad poked fun at the women's appearance and feminity.

"Not impressed with Habitual Fix campaign mocking Ostapchuk's gender. Just because she isn't dainty doesn't mean she isn't a woman," Twitter user Jacob Toner said.

"Couldn't you celebrate Val's gold in style rather than resorting to this?" tweeted Anna Connell.

In response, Habitual Fix removed the ad from their Facebook page and posted a retraction.

"To stand out in a vanilla society that’s currently happy and safely sitting on the fence, we need an opinion, to stand for something and yes, a lot of attitude.

"We also take your feedback very seriously and to prove this, we have removed the offending current shot-put ad."

The offer on the voucher - two for one Manwiches - still stood, but the image had been replaced by a cute kitten.

Hell Pizza have again caused offence, this time for posting a message on their Facebook with last week's winning "confessional" which described a scene of sexual abuse.

The post was quickly taken down but not before screen grabs were sent around the internet.

Hell Pizza responded to one Facebook user saying a computer picked the winner of their confessional competition.

"We saw this as a Jackass-type confession, guys making fun of other guys which we're sure is the way that it was given and received. We certainly don't condone anything further than that. Have taken all of your views on board though and thanks for the comments."

A twitter user wrote: "I remember when Hell Pizza used to be clever. Now even their "shock" marketing is just dumb offensiveness dressed up."

The Dominion Post